Smart Mill Control System for Tube Mills

Controlling the complex grinding circuit in tube mills presents a number of challenges – our Smart Mill Control System (SMCS) supports you in achieving an optimized grinding circuit.

The thyssenkrupp SMCS is an AI-based measurement and control system. All the data collected from your grinding circuit will be put through an extensive analysis and simulation processes. With this information, we can assess your grinding circuit, its bottlenecks and shortcomings, and its points of improvement, and draw up a detailed plan of action to deal with any issues and improve performance.

Improve your mill performance with our Smart Mill Control System (SMCS) in 8 simple steps:

How you benefit from our Smart Mill Control System

Curcuit and quality stability

Increased throuput

Reduced energy consumption

Less wear & tear and fewer consumables

Less downtime

No liner breakage

Optimizing your grinding process

With our SCMS package you can be sure that your grinding circuit will work at its best possible performance levels. Our SMCS can interact with any automated grinding solution and receive up to 25 data points, analyzing them and calculating the optimum control variables.

  • Power consumption
  • Motor torque
  • Beating pressure
  • Fresh feed rate
  • Water flow rate
  • Rotational speed

Setpoint adjustment

Once our Smart Mill Control System is operating, the algorithm will maximize the performance of your mill by operating it at the best possible grinding point. This will not only stabilize but also optimize your grinding process:

  • Up to 7.3 % higher throughput
  • Up to 9 % lower energy consumption
  • Approx. 18 % reduction in feeding regimen fluctuation
  • Approx. 30 % reduction in mill speed fluctuation

If the SMCS is taken out of the circuit, fluctuations will be greater, grinding become unstable and throughput start to fall!

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