Transfer Point Alignment

Automate your mining operations

Automation is not just the future of mining; it can bring you bottom-line benefits right now. By automating your mining operations through our Transfer Point Alignment (TPA) system, you can increase your productivity, machine availability and lower your operational costs. TPA automatically keeps the transfer points of your autonomous downstream machines aligned during the excavation process. And that saves time and money.

digitized bucket wheel excavators with Sensor and GPS by thysssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

Increase your productivity and reduce operational costs

Increase your productivity through continuous material flow, elimination of material spillage, less belt misalignment, and shorter relocation downtimes.

Reduce your personnel costs and boost operational safety. No personnel are needed to correct transfer points during excavation so they are kept away from hazardous areas.

Profit from easy integration into existing mining operations. TPA Automation is compatible with all machine control systems and uses standard industrial network protocols.

Intelligent Transfer Point Automation of all excavation machines

Transfer Point Alignment (TPA) is an intelligent, sensor-based solution for all machines required in the excavation process – from the bucket wheel excavator (BWE) and belt wagon to the tripper car.

Real-time visualization

The Transfer Point Alignment (TPA) user interface offers you real-time visualization of a machine’s constellation and any transfer point misalignment. It also allows you to edit parameters and show diagnosis information, alarms and trend graphics.

Our TPA automation system ensures transfer point alignment by following a set of steps:

  • Measuring the position of each mobile machine involved in the excavation process by means of radar and GPS sensors
  • Evaluating the current machine constellation
  • Sending individual commands to different actuators when detecting deviation on the optimal transfer point position
  • Stopping the material flow if the deviation exceeds a predefined value

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