Digitalized Expertise

Take advantage of our automation and digitalization solutions for your mining processes.

With our digitalized expertise we deliver added value to our mining customers by offering an important lever for improving the efficiency of their processes and boosting the productivity of their plants and equipment.

How does our digitalized expertise supports you to become more successful and competitive?

By combining our OEM know how with state of the art sensor technology, data analysis and smart software we can fully exhaust the potential of your assets. For all new machines, or as a retrofit for existing machines, we offer:

  • Assistance Systems for operators and maintenance personnel that decrease operational costs and increase productivity
  • Data Analytics Solutions for improved machine performance through deep insights and debottlenecking
  • Management Systems for multi machine management
  • Advanced Full Automation solutions for decreasing operational costs

Digital Plant

Gain control of your plant, machinery and quality through our various automation components and solutions. The digital plant is highly automated, flexible and data-driven to achieve the highest efficiency from assets, people and processes.

Smart Plant

Take benefits from smart machines, deeper process insights, digital twin and machine learning. Access our domain experts and enhance your plant performance through their domain knowledge and our various digital services. The smart plant is connected and combines the best Industry 4.0 concepts in order to drive production in an efficient and profitable way.

Becoming smart with our digitalized expertise products and services

Smart Mine

Products and services at a glance: Smart Transfer Point Alignment System – Conveyor Volume Flow Control – Maintenance Assistance Eco System – Digital Twin Conveyor – Remote Services – MxCD – ACPS

Smart Processing Plant

Products and services at a glance: Advanced Machine Protection System – Smart Mill Control System – Stud Detection System – Condition Monitoring (Gear Box Hydraulic, etc.) – Reporting & Consulting – Remote Services – Maintenance Assistance Eco System – MxCD – ACPS

Smart Stockyard and Port Systems

Products and services at a glance: Bucket Wheel Stacker Reclaimer Automation, incl. SMS -. Scraper Reclaimer Automation – Car Dumper Automation – Train Load-Out Automation – Conveyor Volume Flow Control – Maintenance Assistance Eco System – Digital Twin Conveyor – Remote Services – MxCD – ACPS

Benefits of thyssenkrupp’s Automation & Digitalization solutions

All of our automation and data analytics systems are designed in a modular way, so that existing machines can be upgraded. To make sure our systems are compatible to existing equipment our experienced service team offers automation ready checks prior to every automation project. Depending on the age of the equipment some of the hardware like actuators or machine controls need to be upgraded.

Autonomous operation is only possible under highest safety standards. For all moving machines we offer reliable collision avoidance systems, on one hand protecting employees and on the other hand costly collisions with obstacles.

Once a machine gets retrofitted with our modular our automation system, it is additionally capable for data analytics. Making use of state of the art machine learning algorithms insights into the behavior of a machine can be uncovered. This way it is possible to improve maintenance schedules, machine productivity and predict failures in advance.

Our engineers and process experts worked closely together with our programmers to find a way of autonomously operating machines in an optimal way. For example, by continuously measuring various environmental factors our system can predict upcoming load and proactively change machine control parameters in advance. This can lead to increase in throughput of up to 10% and at the same time reduce machine stress, which has a positive effect on the machines lifetime.

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