Digitalized Expertise Network

Stay connected to your mining equipment and take command of your data

With the complexity of mining operations, it is a great challenge for every operator to stay in connection with all machines and equipment and to know the exact status at any time. Our Digitalized Expertise Network (DEN) provides you with full transparency by gathering, analyzing, and visualizing your machine data.


How you benefit from our Digitalized Expertise Network


100% data and process transparency

Monitoring of performance to enable debottlenecking


Precise information on the status of your machines


Real data so you stay connected to your equipment 24/7

Data gathering, transmission and processing

The thyssenkrupp edge device, a Local Analyze Interface, is installed on the respective machine and connected directly to its PLC. This robust edge device collects, preprocesses and stores locally all relevant data from the machine for further processing.

Key features of edge device:

  • Powerful asymmetric data encryption function so your machine data are 100 % secure
  • No data lost if there is a weak network connection
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Easy firewall set-up for your IT staff
  • Interfaces to all standard PLC systems available
  • Linux based system
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Your machine data is securely transmitted form the edge device to our Digitalized Experts Network, where it is stored in separate databases for each machine or plant. On demand, our experts analyze and visualize the data and provide direct feedback to operators to implement process adjustments or improvements.


Online dashboards give your operators 24/7 access to the live data which are clearly– presented to display important information:

  • Overview of machine operation modes
  • Visualization of process KPIs such as production rate
  • Trends, forecasts, plant condition, wear analysis, on demand / additional products required
  • Warnings and alarms

Once collected and processed, the real data will give you valuable insights to make your mining operations more efficient – and more profitable.

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