Mining maintenance 4.0: Boost your efficiency with our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)

Simplify and speed up your maintenance through digitalization of your maintenance management with our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS) and increase your maintenance efficiency and machine availability – for all your machines from pit to port or plant.

The Maintenance Assistance System (MAS) is a software framework that can be configured to fit various types of machines. It is especially helpful for high maintenance equipment like crushers, mills, screens or scrapers but also for larger machinery with many different subcomponents like shiploaders, reclaimers, excavators and more.

Your benefits from our Maintenance Assistance System

Eliminate any uncertainty about your maintenance performance through instant availability of all relevant data.

Reduce the overall time required for maintenance through simplification and systemization of maintenance performance and related tasks.

Enjoy easy access to the system through a browser-based solution that enables cross-platform usage on stationary and mobile devices.

How the Maintenance Assistance System operates

Our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS) is connected to sensors via the machines PLC and our thyssenkrupp edge device which continually logs and processes the sensor data. In combination with the expertise and input of our maintenance technicians, the MAS is capable of usage based maintenance scheduling for each relevant component of the machine. this data is the starting point for predictive maintenance.

Key features and capabilities

  • Summary of the machines’ overall maintenance status and operational data
  • Visualization of the maintenance status of selected machine components, allowing component-specific issues to be located
  • Calculation of maintenance intervals based on machine usage time
  • On-site access to step-by-step directions and maintenance manuals
  • Monitoring of maintenance performance through photos and comment functions
  • Tracking of maintenance history
  • Role-based authorization management and user editor
  • Already configured for Siemens S7 and Rockwell PLC solutions; other PLC solutions also possible

In-depth machine know-how

As an OEM, we know our machines inside out and down to the very last detail. This enables us to provide you with outstanding maintenance support. From our thousands of installations worldwide we have gained decades of experience in machine maintenance. All this expertise and experience have now been digitalized in MAS, the solution that gives you quick and easy access to this extensive maintenance know-how.

Application and roll out

Nearly all new thyssenkrupp machines will be delivered with all hardware prerequisites to use the MAS with them. For using the software with existing machines, the required hardware can be retrofitted. The software can be configured to meet the specific maintenance requirements of the machine. In this case, thyssenkrupp maintenance experts and on site technicians together with the customer’s maintenance supervisors and technicians develop the maintenance plans, and implement them into the software.

The configuration also includes the design of schematic machine illustrations to give the user a better overview of the location of the components needing maintenance. This includes a complete machine overview of the machine and more detailed views of critical machine parts and components (e.g. hydraulics).

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