thyssenkrupps Stockyard and Port Conveyor

Conveyors are the integral part of any material handling system. They have a huge influence on the overall plant layout, the cost of investment, and the operational process.

Made to suit your needs

Made to continuously transport bulk materials at highest capacities, even in harsh environmental conditions with temperatures as low as -45°C, each conveyor is a unique design solution made to the requests of the customer to meet their specific needs. Customers who want to transport large amounts of bulk materials such as coals, ores, fertilizers, and many more fully automated and with zero emissions, profit the most off them.

In addition to their ability to transport high capacities of bulk materials, thyssenkrupp Stockyard and Port Conveyors are also capable of maneuvering challenging terrain. They can take tight turns on their routes which results in a reduced CAPEX and OPEX, minimizes the number of transfer points, downtime and wear and tear, thus saving on maintenance, and maximizes the plant availability and production. Thus, they are ideal for customers who value safety, reliability, (cost-)efficiency, and speed for their mining equipment.

Despite being a global organization, thyssenkrupp stays close to the client and offers the knowledge and experience required for local areas. thyssenkrupp also offers lifetime services and support for operating the handling system with a minimum of downtime and maximum of revenue.

Discover the advantages of Stockyard and Port Conveyor by thyssenkrupp

  • Leading technology and expertise for challenging terrain and low temperature areas down to -45°C
  • High quality, full range supplier for material handling plants
  • Minimize the number of transfer points
  • Lower CAPEX/OPEX
  • Low maintenance
  • Maximize plant availability and production
  • Reliable, fast and competent lifetime services and support for operating the handling system with a minimum of downtime and maximum of revenue

Facts at a glance

  • Conveyor length up to 2.500 m
  • Belt strength up to ST 3150
  • Capacities up to 16.600 t/h
  • Belt width up to 2.200 mm
  • Belt velocity up to 5.6 m/s
  • Installed power up to 3.000 kW
  • Inclination angle up to 16° (depends on the conveyed material)
  • Smallest executed horizontal radius of 500 m (reference: petroleum coke handling for Yanbu, Saudi-Arabia)

This is what we transport

  • Cement industry: transport of limestone, clinker, cement, secondary combustibles, filter dusts, etc.
  • Chemical industry: transport of granulated material, fertilizers, etc.
  • Steel industry: transport of ores
  • Power plants: transport of coal, slag, gypsum, limestone powders, alternative fuels, etc.
  • Phosphate mining and processing plants
  • Transport of other materials such as, aluminum oxide, etc.
  • Transport of dangerous, contaminated, dusty, or very lightweight substances such as Sulphur, etc.

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