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thyssenkrupp jaw crushers

The heavy duty jaw crushers from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies have proven themselves in the aggregates industry as efficient primary crushers for crushing granite, basalt, and other hard rock.

They are also used successfully in the mining and cement industries. An optimized crushing chamber combined with a large stroke and enhanced kinematics ensure high capacities and a long service life of the crushing tools.

A 3D rendering of a thyssenkrupp Jaw Crusher

Key benefits of thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies jaw crushers

All in all, thyssenkrupp’s jaw crushers are convincing due to their rugged and reliable design with high capacities, low wear and tear and high ease of maintenance. The advantages can be summarized as follows:

  • Crushing of hard rock such as granite, basalt and ores
  • High capacity due to enhanced kinematics of the swing jaw
  • Low wear and long service life due to optimized crushing chamber geometry
  • Optimum nip angle for hard and tough materials
  • Lower energy cost compared to the market benchmark
  • Easy maintenance due to simple change of the crushing jaws
  • Simple installation due to compact design with integrated drive motor
A jaw crusher

Fields of application

Jaw crushers are used within the aggregates, cement, and mining industry, as they have been proven to be an efficient primary crusher for hard rock materials such as granite and others. The mining and cement industry also profit off their optimized crushing chamber.

A model of a jaw crusher

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies jaw crusher types

thyssenkrupp has two types of jaw crushers in its product range: Single-toggle jaw crushers for a high throughput rate, and double-toggle jaw crushers for extremely hard materials and abrasive rock.

Single-toggle jaw crushers

Single-toggle jaw crushers are ideal for maximum throughput rates when crushing medium-hard and hard materials. They are characterized by the swing jaw being suspended directly on the eccentric drive shaft and the lower part of the swing jaw being braced against the crusher frame by means of a toggle plate. This system results in a higher capacity than that achieved with a double-toggle jaw crusher with the same feed opening. Available in various sizes, they achieve throughputs of 250 t/h to 1,400 t/h.

Double-toggle jaw crushers

Double-toggle jaw crushers are the ideal machines for the hardest and most tenacious materials. They are equipped with a double-toggle system, which is controlled by a pitman that moves up and down under the influence of an eccentric shaft, causing the toggle plates to alternately flex and stretch. As a result, the swing jaw oscillates. This system ensures very good power transmission from the drive unit to the crushing mechanism, making double-toggle jaw crushers ideal for crushing extremely durable materials. Another advantage is the high wear resistance due to the kinematics of the crusher.

All Mining Technologies jaw crusher features and benefits at a glance!

Optimized Pro design

  • Modular kit for easy transport, assembly and disassembly
  • Stress relieved design with 20% increase in lifetime
  • Capability to handle 25% higher peak loads
  • Final crusher installation reduced to 2 hours without auxiliaries

Easy Maintenance

  • Optimized maintenance concept reducing service time by up to 20%
  • Option for manless maintenance in confined space
  • Freely expandable connection for wear liner

High Performance

  • 10% higher throughput rates
  • 10% longer service life of bearing and wear parts
  • 25% lower energy cost compared to the competitors in the market

Effective Operation

  • Stepless standard gap adjustment system
  • Simple upgrade to fully hydraulic gap adjustment
  • Effective control and diagnosis system


Data sheets

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