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kubria® Cone Crusher

kubria® cone crushers from thyssenkrupp have proved effective for many years under the toughest application conditions in the field of hard-rock crushing in secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing stages where the highest availability and first-class product quality are required.

The rich expertise and the latest technology incorporated in our cone crushers bring you high quality, high performance along with maintenance friendliness and significant cost-saving effects.

Key benefits of thyssenkrupp cone crushers

  • High throughput coupled with low costs
  • High degree of comminution
  • Highly cubical product
  • Highly wear-resistance crushing tools
  • Ease of operation
  • Maximum reliability
kubria cone crusher

Fields of application

Cone crushers work on the principle of compression. The crusher squeezes the material until it breaks apart. By opening the crushing gap, the material slips downwards to be compressed again.

In the production of concrete and aggregate products, the cone crushers achieve high cubicity and thus meet the required product standards.

In mining applications, a consistent product at maximum throughput is required. This can also be guaranteed with the kubria® cone crusher.

Cone crushers are typically in operation in these industries

kubria cone crusher
  • Production of crushed rock and stone in the stone and gravel industry
  • Ore mining industry
  • Ore crushing in metallurgical plants
  • Limestone and cement industries
  • Refractory industry
  • Other areas of the primary industry

Our kubria® cone crushers are extremely competitive machines for coarse, medium and fine crushing (secondary, tertiary and quaternary crushing). Incorporating the latest technology, the machines excel at the crushing of hard rock, middle hard and high abrasive material, for example granite, basalt, iron ore, etc.

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thyssenkrupp kubria® cone crusher types

thyssenkrupp kubria® cone crushers are modular in design. As a standard we offer types which are available with mantle diameters ranging from 750 mm to 2,100 mm. They come in three different designs: coarse, medium and fine crushing.

kubria® cone crusher (1,100 mm cone diameter) in a quartz porphyry works

Feed grain size:             5–32/44 mm

Product size:                 0–22 mm

Throughput:                 approx. 150 t/h

kubria® cone crusher (2,100 mm cone diameter) for crushing granite

Feed grain size:             75–350 mm

Product size:                  0–75 mm

Throughput:                  approx. 800 t/h

Two kubria® cone crushers (750 mm cone diameter) in a gravel works

Feed grain size:             32–150/200 mm

Product size:                  0–32/45 mm

Throughput of each:      approx. 60 t/h

Besides the standard design we are also able to special solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

Our flexibility is a major plus: We act on your specific requirements and adapt our systems to suit the material to be crushed and the product size required, optimizing proven technology according to your specifications. The benefits of our systems are numerous: high throughput coupled with low costs, minimum maintenance, ease of operation and maximum reliability.

We also offer solutions for mobile, semi-mobile or stationary plant requirements!

Design and function of kubria® cone crushers

The kubria® cone crusher has a hydraulically supported main shaft and fixed upper shell. Crushing takes place between the concaves in the crushing chamber and the mantle lined crushing cone which is rotated by an eccentric drive in the lower section of the crusher.

The geometry of the crushing chamber and the eccentric stroke can be individually adapted to specific crushing requirements as determined by the material characteristics. This modular concept is particularly important when the raw material properties or the product requirements change during the service life of the crusher.

The wear parts in the cone crusher are made of wear-resistant manganese steel and can be replaced easily. As all wear parts and internal components are accessible from the top, the crusher is very easy to maintain.

The lower hydraulic cylinder supports the main shaft and is used to control the gap setting. If tramp metal enters the crushing chamber, the shaft is lowered automatically, allowing the tramp metal to largely pass through the crushing chamber without damaging the crusher. The crusher can be equipped with an optional hydrostatic thrust bearing to handle extremely hard materials.

The kubria® crusher is typically delivered with the proven Kubriamatic control system, which can be integrated into the distributed control system and the dynamic process display of the overall plant. With the Kubriamatic control system, all crusher settings and parameters can be monitored and changed during operation. The gap setting is controlled automatically according to adjustable power and pressure limits to keep the product quality of the output constant.

All versions of the kubria® cone crushers are characterized by the fact that the material has a long retention time in the crushing chamber, with a correspondingly high number of crushing steps. As a result, a product of high cubicity is produced, which is important for meeting product standards required for concrete aggregate and other products.

All kubria® features and benefits at a glance!

thyssenkrupp cone crusher for high performance & easy operations

High performance & easy operations

  • High throughputs
  • High degree of comminution
  • Highly cubical product
  • Easy crusher operation with optimum efficiency
  • Quick adjustment of gap settings and product sizes
thyssenkrupp cone crusher for cost-effectiveness & maintenance-friendliness

Cost-effective & maintenance-friendly

  • Low operating and wear part costs
  • Reliable electronics
  • Highly wear-resistance crushing tools
  • Maximum reliability
thyssenkrupp cone crusher for optimized design & life time

Optimized design & life time

  • Easily converted to other crushing tasks (feed properties and product requirements)
  • Changing the stroke by replacing the eccentric bushing
  • Sturdy design
  • No pressure increase caused by tramp material
  • Large main shaft resilience stroke, also with new crushing members
  • Optimum life of crushing members
  • Easy reading of operating data
thyssenkrupp kubria

References & application example

Since November 2017, a new kubria® F/M 90 cone crusher from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions’ standard range is in operation at Ernst Krebs’s Bornhöved gravel processing plant in Germany. The material produced in the kubria® is mainly used as aggregate for concrete production, but also for the production of gravel and chippings.

The results of a material test have shown that the product even exceeds the expectations of grain shape and fracture surface. By using the kubria® cone crusher, Ernst Krebs can meet the increased demands of the market today and in the future.

”The new cone crusher helps us to offer our products for various applications in good quality and at a competitive price”

Jürgen Schabow, Managing Director of Ernst Krebs

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