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Feeders are a special type of material handling equipment. They are used to transport (“feed”) bulk materials such as limestone, hard rock, coal, ores and overburden to other machinery for further processing or to discharge material from silos and hoppers at a controlled feed rate.

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies offers you feeders that are the result of decades of expertise and cutting-edge technology – tailored for sustainable operations and your demands.

What are feeders and how do they work?

Feeders are a mandatory part of production chains. As their primary function is to transport material to other equipment for further processing or transport, they are commonly found in combination with machinery like crushers, screens, mills and blenders.

With the ability to handle high capacities, feeders are an essential part of mining plants. They are typically equipped with a variable speed drives (VSD) to adapt the feed rate to the overall processes and thereby prevent material overflow in the downstream equipment.

Feeders are typically in operation in these industries:

  • Mining and mineral processing
  • Cement and raw material industry
  • Recycling
  • Construction
  • Fertilizer industry

Categories of feeders and feeding equipment

There are several types of feeders all suited for different applications. They can be classified according to their working principle.

Apron and chain feeders for example transport the material with the help of pans or a transport chain, which move along the feeder tray. Belt feeders, as the name indicates, use a rubber belt to transport the material. Vibrating feeders use a totally different working principle, as there is no transport media as such. Here, the material is transported by a linear vibration, mostly generated by linear exciters.

thyssenkrupp feeders and feeding equipment portfolio

thyssenkrupp is specialized on apron feeders and chain for primary and secondary applications.Our feeders rely on state-of-the-art technology and the extensive know how of our engineers.

Our customers benefit from great performance, better reliability and optimized cost-effectiveness as well as more sustainable operations.

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies feeding equipment

We offer you these high-performing and highly reliable feeders.

Apron feeders

Our apron feeders are equipped with steel pans driven by heavy duty chains and track rollers and are available with electro-mechanic or hydraulic drive units.

Their rugged design makes the particularly suitable for transport of coarse and abrasive material. thyssenkrupp apron feeders are designed for conveying capacities of more than 14,000 t/h and can be integrated into stationary, semi-mobile or mobile plants. In case the feed material contains a lot of fines, our optional spillage conveyors for apron feeders feed any spillage right back into the material flow.

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Chain feeders

Chain feeders resemble apron feeders but in contrast to those, our chain feeders are meant for light and medium-duty use and less abrasive materials.

The chain is equipped with scrapers, which drag the material along the feeder tray and usually driven with an electro-mechanical drive unit.

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How to select the right feeder?

Selecting the right Feeder for your needs can be quite a challenge. Many different factors have to be considered to ensure you get the maximum benefit out of your Feeder.

In the decision several key questions should be answered

  • What kind of bulk will I handle (size, material, etc.) and what is the required capacity? Do I need a variable speed drive?
  • How abrasive is my material?  Will the feeder be operated continuously? Light or heavy duty use?
  • Will I need to move it from plant to plant or will it remain stationary?
  • How much space do I have?
  • What other equipment do I have? Does my feeder need to be compatible with existing machinery or hoppers?

Our thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies feeder experts will help you to answer this questions and find the best equipment for your operation.

With our rich expertise and numerous references, we are able to analyze your demands and help you in making the right feeder decision.

So, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions related to feeding equipment!

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Product Lifecycle Manager Feeder

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