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Apron feeders

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies apron feeders operate worldwide under the toughest conditions in the mining industry as well as in raw materials processing and in recycling. They transport, among many other things, hard rock and construction waste on rugged steel pans bolted to two strands of heavy-duty tractor chains from hoppers and silos to downstream equipment

The rich expertise and the latest technology incorporated in our apron feeders bring you high quality, high performance along with ease of maintenance and significant cost-saving effects.

Key benefits of thyssenkrupp apron feeders

  • Low maintenance
  • Optimum adaptation to the individual application
  • High availability due to design for maximum and peak loads
  • Low-wear operations
  • Robust, controllable drives
  • Optimization of conveying speed
  • Low spillage of the inner space
  • High operational safety
thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies apron feeder at work

Fields of application

Apron feeders operate for the transportion of materials. Common applications are in stationary, semi-mobile and mobile crushing plants, where they transport, for example, blasted materials from hoppers to the crushing stage, in processing plants, where they extract pre-crushed material from silos in a controlled manner, and in wagon unloading stations, where they empty the bunker and feed the dumped material to downstream conveying equipment.

Typical materials apron feeders transport in this ways are mineral ores, hard rock, coal, overburden and construction waste.

Apron feeders are typically in operation in these industries

A thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies apron feeder is loaded
  • Mining industry
  • Raw materials processing
  • Construction industry
  • Recycling industry

thyssenkrupp apron feeder designs

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies apron feeders have a modular design and are available in maximum widths of approx. 3.4 m and maximum lengths of approx. 30 m. This allows lump sizes of max. 2 m to be conveyed at a capacity of max. 14,000 t/h. They operate both horizontally and inclined with an angle of inclination of up to 26°.

Besides the standard design we are also able to offer special solutions tailored to meet your individual needs.

Whether standard or custom-made, thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies has the optimum solution for every operator’s requirements. With high flexibility the plants are adapted and optimized to the respective application and the environmental conditions.

An apron feeder

Function and general design of thyssenkrupp apron feeders

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies apron feeders transport material on rugged steel pans bolted to two strands of heavy-duty tractor chains with lifetime-lubricated joints. These are pulled all around by sprockets and slide on heavy-duty rollers that are also lifetime-lubricated and bolted to the apron feeder frame, which accommodates the drive station and the tensioning station at its end faces.

Between the two chain strands there are sliding rails arranged, on which the pans with corresponding sliding shoes can be supported in the event of potentially occurring load peaks in order to prevent deflection. No additional lubrication is required for this.

Drive systems

The drive system of apron feeders is of special importance because it must be able to start the conveyor under full load and ensure a uniform and controlled feeding of the downstream equipment by means of a continuous adjustment of the conveying speed.

For this reason, either hydraulic or electric motors drive our thyssenkrupp apron feeders. For electric drives, a frequency converter continuously controls the conveying speed.


The pans of thyssenkrupp apron feeders are cast or welded depending on the application. The thickness of the pans is adaptable to the specific requirements of the application.

Depending on the application and the arrangement of the apron feeder, the pans can be equipped with a transport bar, which ensures safe transport and avoids relative movement between material and pan, thus enabling low-wear operation.

Protection in the feeding area

thyssenkrupp apron feeders can feature additional rollers and slide rails in the feeding area in order to prevent deformation of the pans in the event of high impact forces. The slide rails made of special steel again and therefore do not require additional lubrication. As additional protection for the support structure, the apron feeders can be provided with an impact table with heavy-duty shock absorbers.

Operational safety

It goes without saying that thyssenkrupp apron feeders come with all the necessary safety devices. These are essentially easily removable plates and grids as mesh protection on rotating and moving parts. A speed sensor monitors the operation of the conveyor.

All Mining Technologies apron feeder features and benefits at a glance!

thyssenkrupp cone crusher for high performance & easy operations

High performance & easy operations

  • Optimized performance
  • Optimized conveying speed
  • Designed for maximum and peak loads
thyssenkrupp cone crusher for cost-effectiveness & maintenance-friendliness

Cost-effective & maintenance-friendly

  • Low maintenance due to lifetime lubricated heavy-duty track rollers and tractor chains as well as lubricant-free slide rails
  • High availability due to low-wear operation
  • High operational safety due to protection devices and operation monitoring
thyssenkrupp cone crusher for optimized design & life time

Optimized design & life time

  • Robust, controllable drives for startup under full load and optimization of conveying speed
  • Low spillage of the inner space due to high tightness between the pans as well as at the return stations

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