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HPGR Pro – the next-generation machine for increased throughput and lower production costs 

Join us on the next level of grinding with up to 20 % more throughput, up to 15 % lower energy consumption, and up to 30 % longer-lasting rolls.

For decades, our HPGR has been the machine of choice for efficient high-pressure grinding and processing of ores. With over 40 years of experience in the minerals industry and more than 150 HPGRs installed worldwide, thyssenkrupp is market leader in this field.

Our experts have now further improved the HPGR to achieve even higher throughput, lower energy consumption, and a longer-lasting working life for the most important components. That makes the HPGR Pro the best-performing machine in its compact class and more economical than ever.

Whatever your choice – a new HPGR Pro or an upgrade for your existing HPGR – you can be sure of the best possible machine to suit your needs. After all, you’ll be taking your grinding operations to an entirely new level.

The new HPGR Pro

HPGR Pro for more energy-efficient and longer-lasting rolls

More energy-efficient and longer-lasting rolls

More economical
than ever

More energy-efficient and longer-lasting rolls. The HPGR Pro fulfills the most demanding requirements for economical operation – above all through enhanced energy efficiency, improved product quality, and up to 30 % longer-lasting rolls due to reduced wear and tear.

HPGR Pro for up to 20 % more throughput

Up to 20 % more throughput

More efficient
than ever

The HPGR Pro is more efficient than ever, delivering up to 20 % more throughput through improved material feed.

HPGR Pro higher machine availability through greater transparency

Higher machine availability through greater transparency

More reliable
than ever

The HPGR Pro is even more reliable. Increased machine status transparency, especially with regard to the surface of the rolls, ensures reduced downtimes and outages.

thyssenkrupp cone crusher for optimized design & life time

Continual process optimization through digitalization

More high-end
than ever

The HPGR Pro features innovative technology and digitalized functions, which clearly inform the operator about the machine status and enable continual process optimization and predictive maintenance.

thyssenkrupp HPGR Pro – your added value through more top technology

How? We integrated innovative solutions, decisively improved mechanical features, and introduced new digitalized functions to make the next level of grinding possible.

thyssenkrupp HPGR Features

Rotating side-plates for a uniform pressure profile and more even roll wear

The rotating side-plates improve the material feed into the rolls. By eliminating the so-called edge effect, the rotating side-plates ensure a more finely ground product and reduce recirculation. This increases the throughput by up to 20 % compared to conventional HPGRs, while reducing the machine’s specific energy consumption by around 15 %. The rotating side-plates also result in a uniform pressure profile and more even wear across the entire width of the rolls. This significantly increases the rollers’ service life.

Wear protection segments protect the rotating side-plates and can be adjusted or replaced without removing the rolls. With minimal maintenance this ensures a consistently good material feed and uniform pressure profile.

  • Up to 20 % more throughput
  • Up to 15 % less energy consumption (kWh/ t)
  • Enhanced efficiency through reduced friction losses
  • Up to 30 % longer-lasting rollers

Controlled skew limitation through mechanical locking device

The controlled mechanical skew limiter, a unique feature of the HPGR Pro, uses a mechanical locking device to limit the roll’s movable skew. The roll can thus adjust to differing feed conditions. In this way, the uniform pressure profile made possible by the rotating side-plates is maintained across the entire width of the roll and does not become un-uniform, as is the case with a skew suppressor.

This controlled skew limitation function prevents critical values being exceeded and thus protects the rotating side-plates from damage, even in case of an emergency or operational error. The result is fewer machine outages and downtimes.

  • Uniform pressure profile
  • Greater safety and less shutdowns
  • Increased machine availability and fewer downtimes
  • Better product quality

Lubrication with oil Instead of grease

Automatically lubricating the bearings with oil instead of grease enables higher machine loads to be achieved. This also significantly lowers the temperature of the bearings, which increases their service life.

The oil is filtered and cleaned in a closed system. This also helps to increase the service life of the bearings and lowers lubricant consumption, which reduces operating costs as well as the impact on the environment.

  • Longer-lasting bearings
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Reduced operating costs through lower lubricant consumption

Digitalized expertise for continual optimization

Through our digitalized expertise services we can help customers by means of the latest digital applications and our many years of technological and process know-how. Our experts utilize the more transparent digitalized data on machine processes to support customers in continually improving their operations. Such transparency also enables predictive and schedulable maintenance of machines and fast the generation of precise diagnoses (root cause analyses).

Our unique laser-based Stud Detection System continually monitors and measures the rolls’ wear and tear while the machine is operating.

The condition of all the individual studs and corner blocks is automatically controlled without having to stop the machine. This enables a precise prediction of when a roll has to be replaced.

Thanks to modern sensor technology and our Advanced Machine Protection System the HPGR Pro can be automatically monitored and controlled. This enables the machine to always run at the optimum operating point, e.g. with regard to energy consumption or throughput. Excessive vibrations and overloading are thus avoided. The outcome is the best possible grinding results.

“We are very proud of our HPGR Pro. We used our experience and what we learned from conversations with customers to introduce improvements that are unique in this market and make grinding much easier for our customers.”

Frank Schroers, Global Product Manager HPGR

Upgrade your current HPGR to the next level of grinding

Want to optimize your existing thyssenkrupp HPGR?

With our know-how you can have your HPGR upgraded to include the latest technical features from the HPGR Pro. For such an upgrade we have a worldwide network of High-Tech Service Centers with service experts who can advise you on the spot.

Just get in touch and we will glad to advise you!
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Performance data and model series HPGR

Big or small, we always have the machine to meet your needs

Whatever you want – a new machine, an upgrade of your existing HPGR, or the opening up of new application areas for tried-and-tested technologies and services – we can always supply you with the right solution for your HPGR.

HPGR performance data table

Boost your efficiency with our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)

Maintenance Assistence System (MAS)

For all your machines from pit to port or plant to simplify and speed up your maintenance through digitalization of your maintenance management

The Maintenance Assistance System is a software framework that can be configured to fit various types of machines for several applications like mining technologies, materials handling and mineral processing.

Find out more about our Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)

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