velix® vertical-helix stirred media mill for ore processing

The efficiency triangle: less energy – high reliability – less maintenance

When we began work on the velix® (vertical helix stirred mill) we considered every element that defines a stirred media mill: grinding screw, liner, screw shaft, housing, drive systems, services, and plant processing. And we challenged ourselves to find the best way to engineer each one of them. When we put it all together, the outcome was something entirely different: the velix® (vertical-helix stirred media mill). It is now available in three different sizes: VX3500, VX4500 and VX6000.

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Make sure you’re fit for the future

The velix® enables you to master future challenges in ore processing – the challenges of increasing energy costs, lower ore grades, and fine-grained ores that require an energy-efficient solution delivering high capacity and an optimized comminution process. Not only was velix® jointly developed by thyssenkrupp and EIRICH to conquer all these challenges; it also offers the additional benefits of optimized wear lifetime, easy maintenance, and ease of operation.

HPGR Pro for up to 20 % more throughput

The efficient alternative

The velix® is an efficient solution for our customers with special product fineness requirements. This is especially true with regard to power consumption in fine or ultra-fine grinding as velix® consumes less energy than the conventional solution with a ball mill. Since our customers are increasingly focusing on their carbon footprint – just as we are at thyssenkrupp – we regard it as our duty as an innovative company to provide efficient grinding solutions in green- and brownfield projects that reduce consumption of natural resources. The velix® solution is an efficient alternative to the ball mill with additional value added in secondary grinding, tertiary grinding, or regrinding in ore processing.

More successful grinding – Your operations will benefit from the following standout features of the velix® vertical mill:

  • Reduced wear and long operating life thanks to the autogenous grid liner.
  • Operating life maximized and maintenance costs minimized through optimized tip speed
  • Lower maintenance costs thanks to reduced wear and longer operating life made possible by the new, reinforced tip liner design of the velix® screw
  • Screw liner exchange completed in a few simple steps, utilizing a proven disassembly concept
  • Simplified housing transportation to site
  • Easy and safe handling during installation
  • Less crane capacity required
  • Less weight and lower CAPEX thanks to the FEM-optimized screw shaft design
  • Fixed speed motor
  • Even better start-up procedure possible through various optional soft-start systems
  • Less foundation work thanks to the smaller footprint
  • Up to 50% less energy consumption than ball mills

Lower operating costs with HPGR and velix®

The high pressure dry finish grinding concept and the ultra-efficient velix® will lower your operating costs by saving thousands of cubic meters of process water per day compared to conventional grinding circuits. This way, you will also benefit from a more sustainable use of this valuable resource.

Profit from our full-range grinding portfolio

You will find it much easier to work with just one partner during the different phases of your project. With a partner who overviews the entire grinding process so the different flow-sheet options can be optimally matched to your requirements. That partner is thyssenkrupp.
We are convinced that our vast experience in mineral processing enables us to understand your needs better and come up with the most efficient customized solution.

Design split of velix®

Sizes of thyssenkrupp velix® vertical-helix stirred media mill

Technical data

Materials Copper, gold, iron ore, etc.
Typical maximum feed size < 1–2 mm
Product size Down to 15–20 µm
velix® 3500 4500 6000
Length L (m) 6.10 6.10 7.10*
Width W (m) 6.40 6.40 7.10*
Height H (m) 17.10 19.20 24.20*
Mill mass (t) 260 295 490*


Drive concept Fixed speed motor
Motor power velix® 3500: 3,500 hp (2,610 kW)
velix® 4500: 4,500 hp (3,356 kW)
velix® 6000: 6,000 hp (4,474 kW)
Motor speed 1,000rpm (1,200 rpm at 60 Hz)

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