Beltwagons (mobile transfer conveyors) are utilized in continuous mining and conveying systems as a mobile link between bucket wheel excavator or mobile crushing plant and the bench conveyor. They overcome the variation in distance and height between the mining equipment and the bench conveyor, lengthening the intervals between conveyor shifts and thus reducing downtime. Various configurations are available to meet the specific operating requirements of each mining application.

Beltwagon on crawlers with two conveyors in the Chinese Zhungeer open pit mine.

Total length: approx. 57 m

Capacity: 3,100 m³ per hour

Semi-mobile single conveyor beltwagon. A transport crawler is used for relocation of this beltwagon during bench conveyor shifting.

Total length: approx. 68 m

Discharge height: approx. 21 m

Capacity: 3,000 m³ per hour

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