Spreaders by thyssenkrupp

Spreaders form the last member of a continuous transport material system and are used to efficiently dump or spread overburden and waste material at the landfill area which they receive from the upstream shiftable dump conveyor using a tripper car or a mobile transfer conveyor.

Being able to dump the overburden material in a controlled and efficient way, the spreader significantly contributes to the recultivation of a mined out minefield and to the reduction of the mine’s environmental impact

Your added value

  • Highest efficiency in handling large amounts of overburden
  • Maximized flexibility in dumping activities at a mine’s landfill area
  • Tailor-made solutions for any application and customer-demands
  • Sophisticated machine control concepts for operation assistance
  • Improved environmental impact of the mine by controlled recultivation

Spreader Operations

Spreaders are able to dump the overburden and waste material in low-dump operation under or directly onto the current driving level. The freshly filled soil forms the new driving level during the further advance of the landfill area. Spreaders with a liftable discharge conveyor can also operate in high-dump operations to backfill the soil above the current driving plateau.

Depending on the application- and customer-specific use case, high-dump and low-dump operation can be combined for enhanced capacity with less effort in relocation of the shiftable dump conveyors.

Design Features of thyssenkrupp Spreaders

With the focus on application- and customer-specific use cases, spreaders can be realized with a single conveyor boom, as a spreader with two conveyors and low-mounted counterweight boom or as a conventional machine with receiving bridge and discharge boom conveyors with top-mounted counterweight boom.

Crawler–based travel mechanisms below the center enable an enhanced flexibility in operation and a minimization of relocation-downtimes. A slewable central superstructure connects the conveyor booms and provides the operator’s cab in a position with an optimal view over the equipment. The discharge conveyor boom is designed as a liftable structure to achieve a controlled dumping process during high-dump and low-dump operations. The bridge conveyor transports the material from the upstream equipment and can be designed with or without a support car below the bridge structure. A counterweight boom contains the electrical equipment of the machine and further smaller equipment-units.


Our Spreader Portfolio

thyssenkrupp offers a complete range of spreaders as custom-made solutions for the specific applications and are optimized for the requirements of each use-case.

Starting with small units of compact design and a single conveyor boom, up to large spreaders with multiple conveyors and discharge boom lengths of over 100 m and capacities of 22.500 m³/h, a wide spectrum of solutions is available for any customer requirements. A particularly remarkable solution is the cross-pit spreader on crawlers, which, with a boom length of 207 m, enables tipping even over long distances.

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