thyssenkrupp calcination furnaces

Calcination furnaces

Whatever calcination equipment you choose from thyssenkrupp, e.g. Rotary Kiln, Multiple Hearth Furnace or Gas Suspension Preheater, you will profit from key operational benefits.

Calcination furnace

In the mining industry calcining or calcination is the term commonly used to describe a thermal treatment process applied to ores such as kaolinlithium and magnesite to achieve thermal decomposition, e.g. crystal water removal, CO2 removal, or phase transformation of minerals.

A calciner furnace is a directly or indirectly heated furnace where processing is carried out in a controlled atmosphere at the required temperatures of 550–1,150 °C. The product of calcination is generally known as calcine, regardless of which thermal treatment process is used.

Industrial calcination furnaces vary in design, e.g. rotary kilnsshaft furnacesmultiple heart furnaces or gas suspension calciners. With decades of experience in manufacturing calcination furnaces, thyssenkrupp can supply you with a reliable, high-performance solution to meet your needs.

How you benefit from calcination furnace

Whatever calcination furnace you choose from thyssenkrupp – a Rotary Kiln, Multiple Hearth Furnace or Gas Suspension Calciner –the state-of-the-art equipment we supply will offer you key operational benefits.

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Low resource consumption, high operational reliability

Low investment, operating and maintenance costs

Excellent energy efficiency and productivity

How to profit from Transfer Point Alignment by thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

High flexibility and availability, particularly in high-throughput processes

Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kilns from thyssenkrupp are used for burning, calcining, reducing, roasting, or sintering a very broad range of materials. In the mineral industry they are deployed to process kaolin, lithium, magnesite, nickel, iron, and much more.

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Rotary kiln

Multiple Hearth Furnace

thyssenkrupp Multiple Hearth Furnaces are used for processing very fine-grained materials at ultra-precise temperature settings.

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Multiple hearth furnace

Gas Suspension Calciner

Gas Suspension Calciners from thyssenkrupp consist of up to six cyclone stages arranged one above the other and a calciner riser duct for drying, preheating and (pre)-calcination of the material. For very moist materials a flash dryer can be installed upstream, which is good for your overall energy balance.

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Gas suspension calciner

Examples of calcination processes

MgCO3 + heat à → MgO + CO2

When calcinated at temperatures of around 800°C, the material is known as calcined caustic magnesia [CCM]. Sintering temperatures of approx. 1,800°C are deployed to produce sintered magnesite or dead burned magnesite [DBM] as it is often known.

CaSO4*2H2O+ heat à CaSO4 +H2O

Gypsum produced in an off-gas desulphurization plant is calcined at approx. 850°C to produce anhydrite.

a-spodumene + heat à β-spodumene-spodumene.

Lithium is heated to approx. 1,050°C to achieve phase conversion.

Innovative and reliable customized solutions

Our plant designs are based on the customer’s requirements. With the help of material analyses, laboratory test procedures, computer simulations, and calculations, we individually and accurately configure the optimal furnace plant for each user.

Leading R&D

Our R&D Center is one of the world’s leading technology development sites for the mineral, mining, refractory and chemical industries. It is also an indispensable factor for design safety. With laboratories for chemical, physical, geological and mineralogical investigations and departments for technical calculations, measurements, process and design development our R&D Center makes innovative developments possible – for the customer’s benefit. At pilot plants for small-format production lines for the different kiln types we carry out internal tests, test components, and investigate environmental impacts.

Today our furnaces represent the best available technology for thermal applications in the refractory industry. Innovative cutting-edge technologies trusted by customers all over the world.

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