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Coolers: Cool solutions for processing and transportation

In many plants, cooling is required before further processing or transportation of a thermally treated product. With our flash cooler and rotary cooler, two members of the thyssenkrupp cooler family, we have proven and powerful products offering cool solutions for widely different applications.

Operational benefits

The cooling systems are especially developed and built to suit the requirements of your process. The convincing features of our systems are their reliability, long service life, and low energy consumption. Both these coolers feature the thyssenkrupp technology that feeds back the waste heat recovered during the cooling procedure into the upstream process in order to minimize the overall energy requirement. High throughput rates, easy handling, and low maintenance are operational benefits that speak for our flash cooler and rotary cooler.

In combination with their customer-specific design and efficiency-maximizing layout, these cooling systems are a future-proof solution. That they are being successfully deployed in the pyroprocessing industry worldwide is an additional proof point.

Flash cooler

Flash cooler

Versatile. Proven. Powerful.

The proven design of the flash cooler is efficient, space-saving and low on maintenance. It can be used for various cooling options and is specially designed for use with fine materials. Its application areas are phosphate, lime, gypsum, sand and other ores with grain sizes of up to 2 mm.

How you benefit

This flash cooler’s key qualities are rapid cooling and highly efficient heat transfer. Another advantage is that no rotating parts are required for the cooling process so machine parts’ wear is reduced to a minimum. Even if several flash coolers are connected in series, their footprint is often smaller than that of a rotary cooler, for example. Another advantage is that no water supply and treatment system are required. Moreover, the flash cooler can also be installed behind various kilns, which significantly reduces the overall energy requirement in production.

How it works

This flash cooler operates according to the same principle as the shaft-type flash dryer. Ambient air is intensively mixed with the hot material in the riser pipe. The heated air can be used in other processes (e.g. as secondary air for burning processes). If a flash cooler is used in combination with a cyclone, the dried material can be easily discharged onto the top of a silo so no vertical conveying equipment is needed.

The multitude of innovative process and design details makes this flash cooler a future-proof solution in terms of both mechanics and process technology.

Rotary cooler

The thyssenkrupp rotary cooler / drum cooler:
Proven design. Highest process flexibility. Low maintenance.

For many processes this robust rotary cooler is the optimum solution. Benefits such as high throughput rates, easy handling, great flexibility for fluctuations in material properties and quantities, high availability, and a low maintenance requirement speak for themselves.

Effective cooling

This rotary cooler always works in direct contact with the bulk material and the cooling medium in a counter-flow design. Depending on the material characteristics, different shapes of blades/internals, e.g. a scoop lifter, can be selected for higher heat transfer between the cooling gas and the bulk material.

The cooling air passes through the cooler counter-flow to the material, thus providing the most efficient heat transfer and lowest product temperature. The flights inside the cooler are specially designed for improved cooling and ensure contact between the cooling air and the respective particle sizes and heat-transfer characteristics of the bulk material is maximized. Optionally, direct cooling can be enhanced by means of a water spray lance at the feed or at the discharge end, or via an external water spray on the cylinder of the drum.

Efficient thermal process

If the feed temperature of the material to be cooled is very high, the feed end of the cooler can be fabricated from high-temperature-resistant steel or be refractory lined to ensure low maintenance. The hot air leaving the cooler can be utilized as pre-heated secondary combustion air, which increases the overall efficiency of the thermal process.

In combination with a customized design and layout to maximize thermal efficiency, the thyssenkrupp rotary cooler is a future-proof solution.

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