A high temperature shaft kiln

High-temperature shaft kilns

Our thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies high-temperature shaft kilns are, in contrast to rotary kilns, static production systems. They are used to thermally treat and sinter different materials at extreme temperatures of up to 2,300°C and produce the highest quality product.

Key benefits of Mining Technologies high-temperature shaft kilns

  • Able to work at extremely high temperatures of up to 2,300°C
  • Low maintenance and operating cost
  • Able to handle both liquid and gaseous fuels
  • High flexibility

Fields of application

High-temperature shaft kilns are designed especially for use in the refractory industry. Our kilns are able to calcify magnesite, dolomite, limestone, kaolin as well as bauxite. In addition to that, the direct sintering of natural magnesite, dolomite and kaolin is also possible.

Finally, the thyssenkrupp high-temperature shaft kiln can sinter already calcined materials, such as magnesia, dolime, alumina and spinel.

High Temperature Shaft Kiln

Design and function of thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies high-temperature shaft kilns

Our shaft kiln design surpasses industry standards, for example very little heat is lost in the process for uniquely high thermal efficiency. This is achieved by utilizing the preheated air, that has previously been used for cooling the product at the discharge end of the kiln, as secondary air. The fuel is injected via radially arranged burner lances which ensures an optimal temperature distribution.

Thanks to the shaft kilns high flexibility regarding temperature levels and profiles, it fulfills the complex and very specific requirements of the industry with regard to product quality and the wide range of raw materials. Said wide range of raw materials that the kiln processes is thanks to the temperatures of up to 2,300°C it can achieve, while the suitability for both liquid and gaseous fuel makes for a very flexible operation, which results in low maintenance and operating costs.

All high-temperature shaft kiln features and benefits at a glance!

  • Uniquely high thermal efficiency
  • High flexibility regarding temperature levels and profiles for highest product quality
  • Operation at up to 2,300°C
  • Suitable for liquid and gaseous fuels, including low calorific gas
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

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