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Multiple Hearth Furnace

For processing very fine-grained materials at ultra-precise temperature profile settings there is no better calcining solution than our market-leading Multiple Hearth Furnace.

As our Multiple Hearth Furnace enables the temperature profile to be precisely controlled, it is ideal for thermal processing of raw materials with very small particle sizes and filter cake. For the refractory materials industry our Multiple Hearth Furnace is by far the best choice for practically all calcination processes where the best possible product quality is required.

Multiple hearth furnace

Benefits of thyssenkrupp Multiple Hearth Furnace

This future-proof solution brings you key benefits:

  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Precise control of the temperature profile (±5° C.) for maximum product quality
  • Reliable processing of very small grain sizes
  • High availability and advanced design
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Low requirement for wearing and spare parts
  • Fulfillment of the highest quality demands
  • Very long service life (also for refractory lining)
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Main features of thyssenkrupp Multiple Hearth Furnace

With decades of experience in manufacturing calcination furnaces, we know your specific needs and can offer you a Multiple Hearth Furnace with the following key features:

  • Moisture content of over 50% possible (e.g. filter cake)
  • Suitable for very fine materials with a grain size of 0-40 mm
  • Insensitive to quality fluctuations in the material used
  • Operation at up to 1100 °C.
  • Oxidization and reduction modes possible
  • Suitable for exothermic and endothermic processes (also in combination)
  • Suitable for liquid and gaseous fuels, including low-calorific gas
  • No product loss thanks to the possibility to recycle 100% of the filter dust
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Order your customized design of Multiple Hearth Furnace

As our customer, your requirements are the building blocks of our plant design. Material analyses, laboratory test procedures, computer simulations and calculations are deployed to configure a user-optimized plant. Our R&D Center will prove to be your trustworthy partner in developing and implementing a customized, innovative yet reliable design to meet your needs.

Our Multiple Hearth Furnace solution consists of a steel shell with a refractory lining, refractory-lined hearths, a supporting structure, a furnace top platform, and a central shaft with the powertrain. Our well-proven kiln design guarantees precise setting of the retention time. Moreover, you can always be sure of excellent heat transfer between the material and gas phase. Some of the cooling air serves as preheated combustion air for up to four burners per level to ensure a high level of energy efficiency.

thyssenkrupp Multiple Hearth Furnace: Great flexibility – just where you need it

Depending on the quality targets, calcination of refractory-relevant minerals takes place from 400 – 1100°C. Our Multiple Hearth Furnace is ideally suited to this application, especially where very low or precisely defined losses on ignition, a particular specific surface, specified residual CO2 values, and high product reactivity are required. The daily output of a Multiple Hearth Furnace system can be as much as 400 metric tons. The size of the feed material ranges from 0 to 40 mm and the system is ready for operation with a feed moisture of up to 50%.

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