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Rotary kilns – reliable technology, utmost flexibility

The robust, reliable design of our Rotary Kilns brings you the benefits of low resource consumption, high operational reliability, and low operating and investment costs.

Rotary kilns

Rotary Kilns – fields of applications

Rotary kilns (aka rotary furnaces) are used for calcining, reduction, burning, roasting, or sintering a wide range of materials, e.g. kaolin, lithium magnesite, ferronickel, iron, etc. Whatever your requirements, at thyssenkrupp we can provide you with a Rotary Kiln that will operate most economically and reliably.

Low maintenance costs

High flexibility in throughput and thermal load

High flexibility in adjusting temperature profile to achieve required product

HPGR Pro higher machine availability through greater transparency

High availability

Opertional benefits of thyssenkrupp Rotary Kilns

thyssenkrupp Rotary Kilns are designed to operate reliably in the various processes with high throughputs, daily outputs of up to 4,000 metric tons, and operational temperatures of up to 1,800 °C. Our Rotary Kilns will reliably fulfill your requirements, not least because they can cope with intermittent mechanical and process overloads during normal operation. Our directly fired Rotary Kilns can be designed for a wet or dry process and combined with different preheater systems, e.g. cyclone or shaft preheaters, to achieve high productivity while simultaneously reducing energy consumption. Our portfolio includes large-diameter Rotary Kilns on two, three, four or more supporting roller stations.

To counterbalance the up- and downhill movement forces of the inclined kiln, each of our kilns is equipped with a hydraulic thruster to ensure uniform wear of tires and rollers with regular enforced kiln movements. Our Rotary Kilns are driven with a girth gear, single- or double-pinion drive.

Rotary kiln
Rotary kilns – Design parameters
Daily output: up to 4000 tons
Temperature: up to 1800 °C
Diameter: up to 6.2 m
Length and internals: depending on process requirements
Single or double kiln drive

Standard or customized kilns

In order to ensure the best possible results, we offer standardized kiln type series (up to 6.2 x 135 m) as well as individually designed mineral kilns with special equipment to suit the differing applications and requirements of the mineral industry. Moreover, various sealing systems for the kiln inlet and outlet side are available for economical production processes and avoidance of emissions and false air intake. In combination with a rotary screen, shell fans, and scoop feeders, our Rotary Kilns can be individually upgraded for various applications and requirements in order to provide you with the best possible solution. Multiple innovative process and design details make the Rotary Kilns from thyssenkrupp the ideal future-proof solution.

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