Keep your plant up-to-date – Revamps and modernization for longer equipment and plant lifetime

Over the lifetime of mining operations, operational parameters may differ from time to time demanding adjustments in equipment features and application planning. Quickly the request for additional or different equipment is stated from operations managers, not being aware of the wide opportunities and huge potentials in modifying the existing equipment park. Our mining revamps portfolio covers the full range of opportunities and features of mining equipment already in operation. This includes services to renew, relocate, upgrade or simply optimize existing equipment. We are your partner to understand your equipment better and lift hidden potentials.

Why Revamps? – Potentials over and over

Why consider revamps over new equipment or take a deep dive into operations? This is why:

  • Reduce Operational and Maintenance Cost
  • Extend Lifetime of Equipment for another Lifecycle
  • Increase Capacity and Performance
  • Implement additional Features and latest innovative Developments
  • React on changing Environmental, Legal or Operational Conditions
  • Relocate and rehabilitate (idle) Equipment for extend Asset Utilization
  • Limit shutdown times by revamps instead of replacement by new equipment

Especially when looking into a comparison of the cost-to-lifespan ratio between new equipment and a revamped or renewed machine the specific yearly investment offers a remarkable advantage for revamps looking into the financial metrics.

Taking a closer look into effects on operations further advantages come to light: Renewals, modernizations or also implementation of innovative new features like assistance systems on a well-established equipment with long-term operational experience has a much lower risk profile. Operations thus can remain with the same operator and maintenance teams familiar with the equipment, continue with existing spares, auxiliaries and infrastructures already in place as well as to keep mine planning considerations a fit also for the future.

What’s inside? – Revamps Portfolio

The revamps portfolio covers a wide range of measures and modifications on existing machines and equipment in the mining sphere. These can be structured in basically four streams:

  • Refurbishment
  • Relocation
  • Upgrade & Modernization
  • Health Audits & Consulting

In addition to the core revamps portfolio a close reference to upgrades and integrations of Automation & Digitalization solutions shall be taken to achieve full potential of optimizations on existing equipment as an integrated package.

How to start? – Integrated Plant Approach

To understand full potentials of revamps, especially as part of the Health Audit and Consulting offering, a push towards an assessment of not only the single machines but the complete interaction of the process stream elements shall be initiated.

Consolidating the single machine know-how with process know-how is the core competency of an OEM. This allows the development of a full and complete plant solutions to even more drive optimizations by looking out- and especially beyond-the-box.

RefurbishmentExtend lifetime of machines for another lifecycle, often as mid-life refurbishment

Relocate (idle) equipment to its new location in the mine or in the world

Implement new features or Optimize existing setup

Assess equipment conditions and mutual development of concepts to raise potentials

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