A Circular Motion Screen

thyssenkrupp circular motion screens

Circular motion screens from thyssenkrupp have been in use worldwide for many years. They are successfully applied for screening rocks, ore, coal as well as in the recycling industry.

With screening areas from 4 m² to 17 m² and up to three screening decks, they are highly adaptable to the requirements of customers in the aggregates and mining industries.

Design and function of thyssenkrupp circular motion screens

The number of screened products depends on the number of screen decks displayed in the model nomenclature by the last two digits. For example, a CKN 1002 screen has a screening area of 10 m² and two screen decks. Depending on the application, the screen decks can be equipped with perforated plates, polyurethane panels or wire mesh. In the feed area, the screens are equipped with a dummy floor to dampen the impact forces. The screens of the CKN series can optionally be extended with a water spraying system or a dust cover.

The circular oscillation is generated by unbalance exciters and the amplitude of the oscillation can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the unbalanced weight, thus enabling the operator to adapt the screen parameters to the feed size distribution. The screen body has a bolted design to achieve maximum fatigue strength and lifetime of the equipment.

Circular motion screens CK+

Based on the existing CKN circular motion screens, the CK+ series has been upgraded to the highest state-of-the-art technology with a large number of innovative detailed solutions.

In particular, the drive concept, the support of the screens and the maintainability have been improved in the CK+ series. Instead of conventional drives, compact, lifetime-lubricated standard unbalance motors are used, which are symmetrically flanged directly to the side walls and synchronized by a connecting rod.

Thanks to this innovative drive, many rotating and moving parts are no longer necessary. The same goes for all belt guards and motor platforms in the steel structure. This reduces the installation and maintenance requirements as well as machine failure and downtime, adding up to a significant cost saving both for screen acquisition and operation.

The screen support is executed with rubber spring elements instead of conventional springs. This innovative concept offers high vibration isolation and low residual force transmission into the foundations. In addition, the angle of inclination can be adjusted for an optimal screening result.

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies CK+ Screen

Advantages of thyssenkrupp circular motion screens

thyssenkrupp circular motion screens convince with high capacities and sophisticated, maintenance-friendly design. The most significant advantages of these screens are:

  • Screening of rock, ore, coal and in the recycling industry
  • High screening efficiency
  • Available with wire mesh, perforated plates or polyurethane panels
  • Good accessibility of the screen decks for maintenance purposes according to the latest requirements from EN 1009
  • Easy and fast exchangeability of the screen decks
  • Optional version with water spraying system and dust cover
  • New CK+ series offers considerable advantages in procurement, installation and operation thanks to many innovative detailed solutions

Screens from thyssenkrupp are also particularly distinguished by their ease of maintenance. The screen decks are easily accessible and the screen linings can be changed quickly. No special tools are required for the installation and removal of wear and spare parts.