thyssenkrupp goovi® – the revolution in screening technology

goovi®, thyssenkrupp’s innovative multiple vibrating screen, generates good vibrations! It is revolutionizing screening technology thanks to an innovative, patented drive system and many intelligent detail solutions, thus achieving maximum screening efficiency and flexibility along with significantly reduced weights, overall heights and power requirements.

It is used for secondary and tertiary screening in the gravel and aggregates sector, in mining and in recycling, where the goovi® can screen feed materials with a lump size of up to 80 mm at a minimum screen cut of about 2 mm.

Design of the multiple vibrating screen goovi®

Revolutionary drive system of the goovi® screen

The goovi® is equipped with four different drive clusters, one at the front and one at the back on both sides. This results in significantly reduced static and dynamic loads in the side walls and there are less rotating parts than with conventional screens. This significantly reduces weights and overall heights as well as maintenance and wear. Two or three lifetime-lubricated standard unbalanced motors are installed at each drive cluster, so that each goovi® is driven by a total of eight or 12 motors, depending on the size, which are flange-mounted on the side walls and synchronized via an included patented PLC.

Screen trays and linings

The screen tray offers a simple and modular design using standard components. It is a bolted and clamped system with a high fatigue strength. The screens of the goovi® series can be carried out with one or two decks, which can be equipped with all common screen surfaces and linings.


The support of the screen trays is provided by variable pressure air springs, which allow good alignment of the screen, transfer lower dynamic loads to the substructure, and are significantly more silent and long-lasting than mechanical solutions.

Control and flexible operation of the goovi®

By combining several motors per drive cluster with the patented control system, all vibration modes (circular, linear, elliptical) can be realized by simple adjustments. Likewise, the speed and the transport direction can be continuously changed, so that all important operating parameters can be optimally adapted to the requirements of production at any time.

In addition, it is possible to react during operation with the goovi® in a flexible manner to changes in material properties (e.g. moisture) and to optimize the processing of difficult-to-screen materials. Different product qualities can be saved in recipes and called up as required at the touch of a button on the touchscreen supplied. The goovi® can also be integrated into control loops for product optimization. There is a preset cleaning function for the removal of plugged particles, ensuring first-class screening efficiency at all times. The goovi® screen is supplied with its own control cabinet, is fully digitalized and can be integrated into a distributed control system. This paves the way for Industry 4.0 in your processing plant!

goovi® standard series

To optimize costs and delivery times, thyssenkrupp has developed a standard series based on market requirements. The single-deck and double-deck models are available in six different widths and four different lengths with a maximum screening area of 26 m². However, due to the simple, modular design, it is of course also possible to offer solutions tailored to individual requirements and specifically to the application in question.

The flat design of the goovi® allows easy integration into existing plants. In principle, the assembly of the goovi® on the construction site is possible due to its simple design and may also be recommended, since screens have a relatively large volume when fully assembled, which can make transport expensive. In particularly tight spaces, the goovi® can even be assembled directly in the plant in its intended position due to its simple design and assembly. Of course, the new requirements of the recently revised EN 1009 regarding the space required for maintenance work on machines for the mechanical processing of minerals have also been taken into account.

Advantages of the thyssenkrupp goovi®

The newly developed goovi® creates real added value for any processing plant by greatly reducing weights and overall heights along with a significant increase in operational flexibility, product quality and performance.

All benefits of the goovi® at a glance:

 Versatility and flexibility

  • Applications in almost all secondary and tertiary screening stages
  • Optional, variable adjustment as circular, linear or elliptical vibration screen
  • Flexible adaptation to changing applications and material properties
  • Ideal for replacement of existing screens due to good adaptability to existing plants

Low Capex thanks to modular design

  • Simple, modular design, low overall height, low weight
  • Inexpensive transport as a construction kit and easy assembly on site possible
  • Standard series for optimization of costs and delivery time

High product quality at low OPEX

  • High capacity with reduced energy consumption
  • High, adjustable screening efficiency, even with difficult-to-screen materials
  • Customized, preset recipes for different product qualities
  • Less prone to plugged grain thanks to cleaning function

Fully digitalized screen with smart control system

  • Fully digitized screen with its own control system for integration into distributed control systems
  • Various possibilities for integration into control loops

Maintenance friendly and high availability

  • Easy access to the screen cloth in accordance with new EN 1009
  • Few rotating parts, easy maintenance, no lubrication


goovi® as a replacement for an obsolete circular screen

By assembling the goovi® directly under the existing belt conveyor, the replacement could be done within shortest time and without disassembling the surrounding equipment

  • Client: Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH
  • Material: Blast furnace slag with high moisture content
  • Machine: goovi® 1,8 x 6 m Single Deck
  • Motion type: predominantly circular motion; elliptical or linear motion in case off high moisture in feed material
  • Feed size: 0 – 45 mm @ max. 270 t/h
  • Cut size: 11 / 22 mm


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