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For processed raw materials to reach their destination in optimum condition and without losses, bulk-handling systems have to be carefully designed and engineered. As one of the few full-line suppliers of such systems, we deliver cost-efficient, environmentally friendly solutions ranging from individual machines to complete turnkey installations for the mining, cement, chemical, and fertilizer industries, as well as for coal-fired power plants, metallurgical facilities, and steel mills – all from a single source.


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A comprehensive Materials Handling portfolio

Materials handling at thyssenkrupp stands for planningproject engineering, and the construction of complete transshipment systems for port terminals and storage facilities. Tailored bulk-handling systems ensure raw materials reach their destination cost-effectively and with minimum environmental impact. For raw materials handling at ports we offer highly efficient systems for loading and unloading seagoing and inland waterway vessels. Custom-designed rail car loading and unloading stations provide optimum links to the rail system.

In stockyards, our combined bucket wheel stacker/reclaimers can handle huge volumes of bulk materials. In longitudinal or circular stockyards, scraper-type units carry out the blending of coal, limestone, and fertilizers. For harder materials, and in particular ores, bridge-type bucket wheel systems or drum reclaimers are used. Special pipe conveyors are the optimal solution for ecofriendly handling of dusty materials in metallurgical plants, power stations, and cement works.

Stockyard systems


The main fields of application for stockyard systems include storage and blending facilities for import or export terminals, coal-fired power plants, mines, as well as steel, cement and sinter plants. Different types of stackers, such as luffing stackers, luffing and slewing stackers and circular stackers, are used to build stockpiles of different shapes and material composition characteristics (e.g. blending beds, storage stockpiles, etc.). We have supplied more than 315 stackers in the last five decades.


Different types of reclaimers, such as drum reclaimersbridge bucket wheel reclaimers and many more, scoop the bulk materials or minerals from the stockpiles and transfer them onto conveyor systems for further processing or transportation. In addition to reclaiming, the different types of reclaimers, when combined with certain types of stackers or stacking methods, are capable of blending the materials being reclaimed.

Port Systems

Ship loaders

Our port handling solutions include machines and systems such as ship loaders, continuous ship unloaders, and barge unloaders for the bulk loading and unloading of ships and barges at major harbors across the world. The bulk materials handled, including coal, iron ore, bauxite, fertilizer, etc., are intended for export or import.

Thanks to many different developments for all capacity ranges and areas of application you can select the most economical systems to suit your needs: traveling ship loaders with slewing and luffing booms, slewable systems with fixed pivot points and radial tracks, radial ship loaders, and special designs.

Ship unloaders

Ship unloaders empty ships or barges of bulk materials by means of spouts that are lowered into the ship’s hull or the barge to unload the bulk materials.

The different types of ship unloaders we offer include continuous ship unloaders (CSU), grab-type ship unloaders (GSU) and continuous barge unloaders (CBU)

Train loading / unloading

Train loading

Train loading facilities load coal into block trains consisting of any number of open trucks of various capacities. Load-out stations are installed under suitable surge facilities designed to synchronize the material feed rate with the station load-out rate.

Train unloading

Train unloading technologies use rail wagon tipplers (aka rail car dumpers) to unload bulk cargo from rail cars. We offer complete rail car unloading stations from single to quadruple car dumpers with fully automated side arm chargers (aka rail car positioners). A rail car positioner shunts the wagons into the tippler and out again once the wagon has been emptied.

Conveyor systems

These conveyor systems are usually used to transport bulk material to other systems we offer that could be hundreds or thousands of meters apart. For example, in an export harbor conveyor systems transport bulk materials from storage facilities (stockyards) directly to ship loaders. Different types of conveyor systems, such as troughed overland conveyors and pipe conveyors, are available to meet your specific requirements. Special pipe conveyors are the optimal solution for ecofriendly handling of dusty materials in metallurgical plants, power stations, and cement works.

Gear and drive units

Gear and drive units offer custom-designed solutions to suit specific applications, e.g. gear units for slew drives and for hoisting gearcomplete drive units for bucket wheel reclaimers, crushers, apron feeders, etc.

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