Reclaimer bulk materials with speed, efficiency and order

Since 1970 thyssenkrupps reclaimers makes quick work of arranging your bulk materials. oa With state-of-the-art technology they are successfully used for iron ore, coal, limestone in the mining industry.  It’s optimized to suit the unique specifications of your request– ensuring you have the material handling equipment you need . The reclaimer is similar in design to a bucket wheel excavator, but is used to pick up bulk material stored in stockpiles for further transport on conveyor belts. In addition to the pure material intake, the devices often also have the task of mixing and homogenizing the stored material.

The right Bucket Wheel Stacker – Reclaimer to meet your needs

Bucket wheel reclaimers are the ideal means of handling and moving large amounts of bulk materials in the shortest possible time. They can be designed as bucket wheel reclaimers or as combined bucket wheel stacker reclaimers for handling huge volumes of coal, ores, and other materials in ports, power plants, stockyards, or steel plants. Our bucket wheel reclaimers, which are the result of decades of experience and technical competence, combine robustness with outstanding speed and high throughputs. They are used worldwide in the handling of bulk materials such as coal, iron ore, petroleum coke, limestone, bauxite, lignite, phosphate, and other kinds of ore.

Suitable for almost all types of material

Utmost flexibility in stockyard management

Suitable for large-sized bulk materials

Stockyard machines can easily switch between different piles

thyssenkrupp cone crusher for optimized design & life time

Simultaneous stacking and reclaiming operations possible

A tradition of innovation

At thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions we have fully integrated the innovative know-how from two companies with histories stretching back over a century and which were known throughout the world for their excellent bucket wheel stacker reclaimer solutions: PWH Anlagen & Systeme and DEMAG Lauchhammer

Since 1970, we have installed a total of 328 units in 38 countries, of which 52 were installed in 12 countries in the past ten years

Bucket wheel reclaimers

Our boom bucket wheel reclaimers are machines designed to reclaim stockpiles on both sides of their rail track (parallel stockyard layout). The material is reclaimed from the stockpile into buckets as the bucket wheel rotates. Switching between stockpiles arranged in line (longitudinal stockyard layout) is also possible through luffing or slewing of the boom and subsequent long traveling. In combination with a separate stacker, this type of machine provides the highest flexibility for stockyard management operations, as well as enabling simultaneous stacking and reclaiming operations.

Our boom bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers combine the functions of a boom bucket wheel reclaimer and a stacker in a single machine. Thanks to a tripper car and reversible boom belt conveyor, this type of machine can also stack the incoming material into stockpiles. This functional integration means that boom bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers are a solution characterized by relatively low investment costs. Our combined bucket wheel stacker-reclaimers are available with a rigid, fold-down, retractable, shiftable or counter-directional tripper car.

Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers

High-performance and robust systems are needed for the high performance handling and blending of bulk materials, especially when the materials are semi-hard to hard. For such applications drum reclaimers and bridge-mounted bucket wheel reclaimers have proven themselves in stockyards all over the world.

Portal Scraper Reclaimer

The portal scraper reclaimer is a machine that is mainly used for reclaiming of light materials, such as fertilizers, limestone or coal. Thanks to its portal shape which is adapted to the stockpile geometry, it can also be used for indoor applications where it requires only few space in the building cross-section. Liftable booms allow for an easy change between different stockpiles arranged in line. Due to the small drop height of the reclaimed material this machine type is characterized by a relatively low dust emission.

Side Arm Reclaimer

The side arm reclaimer chanel replica travels alongside a stockpile on two rails with a rail gauge measuring 3 to 5 meters and supported by travel bogies with a three-point system. The luffable reclaim arm ranges in length from 10 meters and 30 meters and normally reclaims low tonnages of 50 tph, but it can also reclaim tonnages as high as 1000 tph. It has a luffing winch, a scraper reclaim drive and a travel drive. This lightweight reclaimer is one of the most economical for low tonnages.

Technical data of bucket wheel reclaimers

Product type Free-flowing or sticky
Lump size up to 250 mm
Handling rate Up to 20,000 tph
Boom length Up to 67 m
Bucket wheel diameter Up to 14 m
Rail gauge Up to 15 m
Able to pass stockpile Yes

Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer – Environmental design

Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer – Environmental design
To meet today’s environmental and safety requirements, our bucket wheel reclaimers are generally equipped with all the necessary precautionary equipment and systems to minimize the impact of noise, dust emissions, etc. on operators and the surroundings. To specifically reduce dust emissions, an on-board water spraying system can be provided for our bucket wheel reclaimers, if required and specified. Additionally, the bucket wheel transfer point and conveyors of our boom-type bucket wheel reclaimers and stacker-reclaimers can be covered by hoods.

Plug & play – turnkey delivery

Through turnkey delivery of tested, preassembled bucket wheel reclaimers we ensure a ready-to-use solution for your stockyard. This brings you an immediate economic benefit combined with minimal on-site construction work.

How you benefit from turnkey delivery:

  • Time-saving erection on the manufacturer’s pre-assembly yard where tools, lifting equipment and a workshop are always available
  • Pre-commissioned bucket wheel reclaimers so only small adjustments are necessary at your site
  • Minimized stockyard downtime, even when replacing an existing machine.

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