Shiploaders: Maximize the efficiency of your port bulk handling operations

Shiploaders for all kinds of bulk materials, capacity requirements and ports: As one of the world’s leading suppliers of shiploaders, thyssenkrupp offers you a wide range of tailored solutions to meet your every need. Come on board for all-in solutions that bring you cost effectiveness, reliability, and eco-friendliness as well.

How you benefit from our shiploader

  • State-of-the-art shiploaders developed with special attention to eco-friendly operation and a high degree of automation
  • Superior quality, reliability and robustness – proven by extensive worldwide references
  • Broad portfolio with various types of shiploaders economically and technically optimized to customer needs
  • Bulk material loading solutions developed in close collaboration with our customers to satisfy their specific requirements
  • Wide-ranging experience in supplying completely assembled shiploaders direct to the pier to ensure minimal downtime in port handling operations and maximum customer benefits
  • Numerous references for all types of shiploaders up to the highest capacities

A tradition of innovation

PWH Anlagen & Systeme was a company with over a century of history and known throughout the world for excellent shiploader solutions. That company’s expertise and experience were fully integrated into our thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions portfolio. This tradition combined with ongoing innovativeness ensures that our proven shiploaders continue to set quality and cost-effectiveness standards in materials handling operations. Whatever type of shiploader you need, it will already have been built numerous times in the past. This wealth of experience guarantees you the ideal bulk loading solution to meet your needs.

To this day, we have successfully commissioned more than 170 shiploaders, 52 of these in the past 15 years alone. Whatever the specific materials handling requirements – loading deep-sea or coastal vessels or handling coal, ore, bauxite, alumina, fertilizers, phosphates, sulfur or other goods – they were fully met in each and every case.

Types of shiploaders

Traveling shiploaders with slewing booms are particularly suited to shorter quay lengths. By luffing the boom and in certain types telescoping it, these shiploaders can optimally adapt to a ship’s size and loading process. One particular advantage of slewing shiploaders is that ships can be loaded from both sides of a finger pier.

This kind of shiploaders with a luffing and shuttling boom is the conventional standard shiploading machine. Luffing the telescopic boom makes it particularly easy to operate, as it can be adjusted to the size of the ship and the loading operation with no other combined movements required. However, the length of the pier needs to correspond to length of the ship in order to avoid vessel haulage. Multiple berths are possible on the same side of the quay.

This type of shiploader with a fixed pivot point and radial track is predominantly deployed when the required water depth is first reached at a point far from the shore. Radial shiploaders can be erected offshore and do not need a massive pier line. Their specialized design, which is optimized for a specific ship size, means only a single berth is possible.

Shiploaders with a fixed base and linear rail tracks are used when the water near the shore is too shallow and there is very little space for rail tracks, even for large-sized ships. This type of shiploader enables large ships to be loaded with only one machine and a minimum of foundation work required. Their specialized design, which is optimized for a specific ship size, means only a single berth is possible.

This type of shiploader has a fixed base, which the entire shiploader is mounted on and supported by. That is why no rail tracks are needed. The boom has a fixed pivot point and slew bearing on this fixed base.  These shiploaders are capable of slewing, shuttling and luffing movements, and are the most cost-efficient type of shiploader. However, a ship may need to be moved several times for the shiploader to be able to reach all the holds.

Our features – your added value

Modern sophisticated features ensure our shiploaders are eco-friendly, reliable and user-friendly to avoid downtime and facilitate everyday processes.

  • Shiploaders with an environmental design
    To meet today’s environmental requirements, our shiploaders are equipped with all the necessary precautionary equipment and systems to minimize the impact of noise, dust emissions, etc. on the surroundings. To reduce dust emissions and avoid any material leakage, for example, our shiploaders have a covered boom and discharge chute that load the material directly into the hatches.
  • Maintenance assistant system for shiploaders
    As a maintenance support tool, our maintenance assistant system helps to ensure maintenance takes place at regular intervals. Every time maintenance activities are completed, they are recorded and documented in the system logbook. By adhering to the preset maintenance schedule, operators can avoid expensive repairs caused by a lack of maintenance and thus minimize downtimes.
  • Automated shiploaders
    Our shiploaders have a state-of-the-art integrated drive and operational safety control via a PLC system. The entire operation can thus be controlled via the panel in the operator’s cabin. The high degree of automation and operational safety combined with the operational assistance provided by the operator’s screen enable personnel to operate the machine easily and effectively.

Plug & play – turnkey delivery

Through turnkey delivery of tested, preassembled units we supply shiploaders that are ready for operation on the pier and bring immediate economic benefits and minimize downtime.

How our customers benefit from turnkey delivery:

  • Time-saving erection on the manufacturer’s pre-assembly yard where tools, lifting equipment, and a workshop are always available
  • Easy erection on the pier, irrespective of the pier’s size and type (e.g. finger pier).
  • Easy execution of adjustments required at the erection site, as the shiploader has already been pre-commissioned
  • Minimal pier downtime, even when replacing an existing shiploader
  • More time for pier construction, as the shiploader does not need to be preassembled on the pier

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