Train Loading & Unloading – increase the volume of handled goods and reduce loading times

We plan, design, manufacture and assemble complete loading systems for train and ships. The heart of any loading system is the machine which performs the loading operation itself. The Train Loading and unloading from thyssenkrupp is pivotal in ensuring reliable and efficient loading of transport. This provides both optimum performance and ease of use. Our systems can handle almost any kind of material or product, we are particularly strong in the handling of bulk which can present unique challenges for loading systems. To get the most out of your wagons and ensure a steady, ongoing process, consider our performance.

Train Loading Station:

Train loading facilities load coal into block trains consisting of any number of open trucks of various capacities. Wagon loading stations are used to fill bulk material into open-top railway cars. The stations are typically existing of a material storage hopper, a weighting bin with a chute and clamshell gates as well as a rail scale for measuring the weight of loaded wagons. The train is moving with constant speed below the loading chute and bulk material is falling into hopper car when clamshell gates are open. The storage hopper is typically feeded by the use of a belt conveyor

Train Unloading Station – reliable system solutions

Train unloading stations are designed for unloading bulk material from railway wagons (aka railcars). At thyssenkrupp we can supply you with complete wagon unloading stations ranging from single to quadruple dumpers, and including all necessary additional equipment, such as

  • positioners (aka indexers, side arm chargers)
  • hopper (aka bins),
  • hopper discharge feeders,
  • milling machines,
  • wheel clamps
  • transfer platforms for the emptied wagons.

If you choose the dumper’s highest available extension stage, wagon unloading will take place fully automatically. Moreover, all our systems are tailor-made to our customers’ requirements. Load-out stations are installed under suitable surge facilities designed to synchronize the material feed rate with the station load-out rate. Train unloading technologies use rail wagon tipplers (aka rail car dumpers) to unload bulk cargo from rail cars. We offer complete rail car unloading stations from single to quadruple car dumpers with fully automated side arm chargers (aka rail car positioners). A rail car positioner shunts the wagons into the tippler and out again once the wagon has been emptied.

That way, you can avoid downtime in material handling, even if minor components are defective. We analyze the steel structures using finite element methods and reinforce them through appropriate measures in the most highly stressed areas in order to make our dumpers as durable and reliable as possible.

Optimize your unloading process with a thyssenkrupp car dumper/wagon tippler:

Whatever your car dumper requirements, thyssenkrupp has the right solution to enhance the efficiency of your bulk handling operations.

Car Dumper types

Car Dumper types

There are two main types of wagon tipplers/car dumpers, namely rotary car dumpers and the side discharge tippler. we provide car dumpers according to our customers’ needs.

O-type car dumpers are used to empty unit trains. As all wagons are of the same design and equipped with rotary couplings, these cars can be emptied without uncoupling. The axis of rotation of the tippler corresponds to the longitudinal axis of the wagon couplings. Clamping during the discharge process is usually hydraulic. This type of dumper can be used to unload one to four wagons simultaneously

C-type car dumpers are used for emptying uncoupled wagons. The C-shape allows the side arm charger to position the wagons with a lowered arm either individually or in pairs in the dumper and to push them out again when discharging has been completed. The dumper’s axis of rotation does not necessarily have to correspond to the longitudinal axis of the wagon couplings. The wagons are usually clamped during unloading and the side wall is adjusted by means of hydraulic cylinders. This type of dumper can be used to unload one to four wagons simultaneously.

The side discharge tippler is used where smaller quantities of bulk material are more likely to be handled. The design of this tippler means a significantly lower foundation depth is required than for an O- or C-type dumper, as the wagons are lifted out of the rail level during rotation. During discharging the wagons are usually clamped mechanically. However, only single or tandem wagons can generally be emptied with a side-discharge tippler.

Side arm chargers are used to pull the train forward during the unloading cycles, to position the wagons to be emptied on the car dumpers platform and also to push the wagons that have already been emptied out of the dumper. ThyssenKrupp builds side arm chargers with a tractive force between 100kN and 1350kN, driven either by pinions and racks or pulled by ropes and winches. The required tractive forces are calculated using a simulation program.

Comparison of Car Dumpers

O-type Rotary C-type Rotary Side-Discharge
Train Type Unit trains
(coupled wagons)
Uncoupled wagons
(unit trains possible)
Uncoupled wagons
Wagon flexibility Low
(wagon with rotating couplings)
(All wagon types and couplings)
(All wagon types and couplings) 
Quantity of wagons 1-4 at the same time 1-4 at the same time 1-2 at time
Clamping mechanism Hydraulic Hydraulic Mechanic/Hydraulic
Unloading rate High Medium  Low
Rotor diameter Big Smaller Smaller
Installed power per ton rating Medium Low High
Foundation requirements Deep foundations Deep foundations Shallow foundations

Facts and features of Car Dumpers

Type Cycles/h Wagon payload (tons) Capacity (tph) Material
Single 57 100 5600 Ore
Tandem 45 115 9200 Ore
Quadruple 27 80 8600  Coal

C-Type Car Dumper

Type Cycles/h Wagon payload (tons) Capacity (tph) Material
Single 25 75 3500 Coal
Tandem 33 80 4000 Ore

Side Discharge Tippler

Type Cycles/h Wagon payload (tons) Capacity (tph) Material
Single 5720 80 1600 Coal
Tandem 18 80 2800 Coal

The right Car Dumper to meet your needs in bulk handling operations

Our car dumpers are available in single, tandem, triple and quadruple dumper configurations.

Benefits of thyssenkrupp’s Car Dumpers

  • Economical handling of large quantities of bulk materials
  • Enhanced efficiency through improved performance per hour
  • Safe operation during a large number of cycles
  • Solutions adapted to all kinds of open box wagons