360° Mining Services: tailored to you and your assets – from pit to port


Built mining plants & equipment around the globe


Locations worldwide

1 Mission

To help customers achieve their profitability and sustainability goals throughout their entire plant life cycle

Bringing know-how, precision, innovation and a wealth of knowledge to the table, thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies is the partner at your side to provide integrated support throughout your industrial plant and machinery’s life cycle. We act as an external driving force and experienced troubleshooter, and our experts operate worldwide, with local branches and contacts so we are always there for you.

What we offer

  • Spare and wear parts in OEM quality standards
  • A global network of local and dedicated service experts and service centers
  • Decades of expertise in the mining and aggregates industry
  • Plant upgrades tailored to your needs
  • Comprehensive onsite & field services
  • A one-stop-shop for solutions

What you gain with us

  • Improves plant reliability and availability, hence increases profitability
  • Improved plant efficiency and sustainability
  • Everything from a single source: commissioning, maintenance, optimization, upgrades & replacements
  • Better plant performance by identifying and acting on opportunities for improvement

For smooth-running processes and maximum efficiency, all your plant components and machines need to interact failure-free. With our 360° Service, you can be sure to receive the right support whenever you need it, either as a one-off or as part of a long-term service contract.

We are a global service provider and partner for our customers in the mining and aggregates industry. We are continually working closely with our customers to ensure they achieve their goals. As part of that service, we help them optimize their plant – and therefore their profitability – on an ongoing basis. The challenges of upholding and improving quality, reliability, productivity, efficiency and sustainability are taken care of for you.

360 Degree Service

One-stop solution provider for mining plants & equipment – all services and spare parts from a single source.

Optimized Processes

Higher availability and increased efficiency of your mining plant – with expertise from the technology leader.

Service Excellence

Optimum performance, emergency damage repair, preventive maintenance measures, wear and spare parts in OEM quality.

A local presence and a global network, for your convenience

As a global player, our values underpin our actions and our progress, built on technology and innovation. Thanks to our worldwide network of local branches, we are never far away from our customers – and they feel the benefit of that every single day. We are always ready to support you with our digital expertise and sustainable value promise. We are one of the technology pioneers in the mining and aggregates industry, with a track record of combining OEM knowledge with innovative solutions.

So, what’s our secret? You tell us your specific objectives, and we work with you to optimize your processes and make your production more efficient. We apply sustainable concepts to enhance processes, performance, and energy consumption right from the get-go. We also tailor technology upgrades to your requirements to ensure your mining and aggregates systems will remain competitive in the future.

But that’s not all. The worldwide thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies network means we are never far away – whatever your country, continent or time zone is. In no time at all, you get the help you need from your local contacts, backed by our global network of experts. From service centers and OEM spare and wear parts to service engineers, you can rely on the excellent thyssenkrupp support and services to prevent outages and unscheduled downtime, and to boost your plant efficiency. We are always by your side!

We tackle your challenges

Results and performance

Mining know-how, decades of experience, and a sharp eye for optimizing your plant and machinery’s performance

Innovation and modernization

Advanced solutions and global mining expertise for modernizations and upgrades based on professional audits and in-depth advice, right through to implementation – everything you need, all in one place

Digitalization and automation

Digital solutions mean we can work together to boost plant efficiency and implement customized data-driven services to identify and harness opportunities for optimization

From commissioning through to replacement

We are there to support you throughout your plant and machinery’s entire life cycle

Safety and welfare

With safety in mind, we focus on the welfare of the environment, the workforce, and society in general

Protecting the environment and conserving resources

We work together to minimize CO2 emissions and optimize your plant’s energy and water consumption

Wherever there’s mining, we’re never far away – first-class, onsite service

Operating and maintaining plants involves complex tasks, and daily decesions affecting your production’s status and performance. As your experienced partner, you can rely on the thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies experts, both locally and worldwide, thanks to our onsite service and extensive range of services. These include assembly, commissioning, servicing, maintenance, inspections, and ad-hoc repairs to your plants and machinery.

Our teams are on the ground to support you with predictive inspections, using their findings to enhance plant and machine performance. From planned servicing and preventive maintenance to rapid remedial action in an emergency, we’ve got you covered. And if you need to go even faster, our service experts are also right at your side with our Remote Support Services.

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The future is here – and it’s digital

Digital innovations offer more transparency, more opportunities, more convenience and more security, and they play an important role in defining the future of our industry. Our data-driven services help us implement our mining expertise in your systems and guide you through the process of digitalizing your plant. We use innovative software to monitor individual components and entire plants and analyze their performance. If required, we are also happy to take a holistic view of your processes to pinpoint opportunities for optimization.

Our digital services pave the way for comprehensive analyses to highlight data-based process optimizations, meaning you make the right decisions for your plant and machinery. This involves pairing artificial intelligence with thyssenkrupp’s decades of mining expertise and putting in place automation and digitalization solutions that make sense for you. Take our digital belt conveyor twin technology, for example, which gives you real-time feedback on the status of all key plant components. Discover how we do that with a dynamic simulation model here …

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Small parts, big results

Constructing and commissioning 3,000 plant systems and 20,000 machines in every climate zone around the world is no mean feat – and you benefit from our knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s for crushing, grinding or conveyor technology, we apply our experience and mining know-how to spare and wear parts for you, from pit to port. As a leader in technology, we understand your plant requirements when it comes to safeguarding a regular supply of spare and wear parts. We partner with you to ensure you can access spare and wear parts at the cutting edge of technology.

Are you looking for custom-made OEM-quality spare and wear parts, provided precisely when you need them, always a step ahead, throughout your plant’s life cycle? Look no further! We work with you to boost your plant and machinery’s availability, and to optimize their life cycle. This is backed by specialist support in managing spare parts and achieving cost and performance targets. With our help, you can minimize downtime, reduce operating costs, and increase your overall plant performance. Find out exactly how we do that here …

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If you’re thinking big, we’re the partner you need!

If you are looking for some support when replacing key spare and wear parts, and if you would like to have professional advice on complex repairs, we’re here for you. We have eleven service centers spread across nine countries and five continents around the world, including every big mining region, so you’re never far away from one of them.

Our service centers are designed to offer the specialist knowledge you need, state-of-the-art machinery, and the perfect tools, all under one roof. They also stock top-quality spare and wear parts from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies to serve local market requirements, so help is always at hand. We see ourselves as a one-stop shop, where you can get exactly what you need to achieve your goals. Our experts can also manufacture customized spare and wear parts for you on site, optimize existing designs, help troubleshoot faults, and carry out emergency repairs – for machines and plants from both thyssenkrupp and other manufacturers. Find out more here …

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Plant upgrades to take you to the next level

Innovations, changing conditions, and new production requirements: We can find answers to your most urgent issues, advising you on solutions and even implementing them for you. As part of our performance improvement service, we support you with new approaches. The experience we’ve gleaned from a wide range of successful projects enables us to increase throughput, permanently remove bottlenecks, optimize your energy consumption, and reduce CO2 emissions. After all, upgrading and modernizing your plant does more than simply maintain your results; it will actually boost them.

And when it comes to tailoring the performance of your product plant and machinery to your requirements and current market conditions, our experts will help you define and take the right course of action, with even minor adjustments leading to major benefits. We combine professional audits with detailed advice to precisely plan your plant and machinery’s optimization, so you can overcome even the most complex challenges. Find out more here …

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Partner with us – together we can achieve sustainable results

Efficiency, enhanced processes and proven teamwork ensure your success. As well as local support from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies, needs-based framework agreements and customized service packages, we also offer long-term supportive partnerships.

Specific long-term service agreements, for example regarding the availability and delivery of your spare and wear parts, establish a common understanding and minimize your commercial risks. Find out more here …

Our local contacts are always at your side. We work closely with you to tackle the challenges that lie ahead!

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Always there for you: the 360° Services from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies