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Supercharge your data

When artificial intelligence (AI) and human expertise join forces, you will gain a whole lot more out of your data

Proactive planning

Utilizing machine data and AI to gain transparency on equipment demands

Smart problem solving

Machine insights to nip potential issues right in the bud

Services tailored to your needs

Online dashboards show the operations parameter analyses of your plant, while our team of experts is always on hand to offer remote support

Better Performance With Data

Digital services based on machine & plant data combined with process & design expertise for the mining industry.

Data-Driven Services For The Mining Industry

Our Analytics, Monitoring and Reporting Services have been developed specifically for and with the Mining Industry. Get digitalized mining expertise that we implement into your processes.

Digitized Expertise: Recognize, Develop, Improve

Optimize your plant performance and processes sustainably with our digitalized expertise and make decisions based on data – for better results.

Enhanced processes and efficient plant operations thanks to smart technology – this is what digital expertise is all about.

For decades, our experts at thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies have installed and commissioned thousands of plants and machines across the globe. Take the next step with us by benefiting from our digital tools, comprehensive data analysis and intelligent software.

Harnessing our profound know-how and digital services, we make sure your plant operates at maximum efficiency.

When it comes to thyssenkrupp’s data-driven services, we make use of state of the art sensor technologies, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning concepts and other intelligent big data analytics tools. All the while, our mining experts are available to provide their human expertise. Thanks to precise data modeling, remote support services and mobile maintenance & consultancy concepts, we can help you in real time – even from afar.

How digital technologies can give your plant a boost

Digital mining plants are networked, flexible and driven by data. They bring together the very best technologies and achieve maximum efficiency. Predictions based on continuous data analysis help you take corrective and preventive actions, to reduce the risk of disruption and unplanned downtimes, and increase your plant’s availability and productivity considerably.

For the best possible results, we utilize our OEM and design expertise to record operating data such as temperature, pressure, performance and asset condition data like vibration measurements, alongside other data. This enables us to provide detailed insights into your plant so that you can optimize productivity. Smart sensor technologies support wear measurement and condition monitoring, among other things, allowing for an in-depth analysis. What’s more, installing our edge device with thyssenkrupp-specific programs ensures your data is securely stored and preprocessed to guarantee a sound overall assessment.

Besides the wealth of data at your disposal, you benefit from optimized plants and machines, greater knowledge of processes, a digital twin and proven mining expertise. The thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies online dashboard constitutes the single source of truth for your data. Combining a clear display and ongoing live data analysis with qualified experts and quick response times, it keeps you full up to speed about your plant’s operation status and processes.

What our digital expertise can do for your plants:

  • Smart management of your plants and machines and ongoing collection of their data
  • Continuous data analysis and assessment (automated using big data analytics tools combined with analysis from our machine experts)
  • Regular reporting with recommendations for improvement potentials
  • Visualization of analysis results (trends, prognoses, machine statuses, wear analysis, etc.)
  • Personal online dashboard with data visualization, digital pattern recognition and early fault detection
  • Advanced automation solutions for OPEX reduction
  • Volume flow control for conveyor systems and warehouse automation

Example: We collect the data from your high-pressure grinding roll (HPGR) using the very latest sensor technology. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, our AI analyses its performance and evaluates it using big data analytics. Our mining experts then carry out a final assessment of the results. This approach leads us to intelligent solutions and boosts your performance levels. In addition, we can draw conclusions from faulty components that previously would have gone unnoticed. This allows us to assess a replacement options and to identify the most suitable time window for this purpose with reduced disruption of the production process. In turn, this cuts down costs and reduces unplanned downtime, potential safety risks or the risk of harm to the environment.

Insights into the digital powerhouse

The thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies digital powerhouse joins up digital capabilities with expert services. With the help of innovative software, we monitor single components up to entire plants and analyze their performance digitally and, if desired, remotely to bring in our expertise at its best. Our approach to putting digital expertise into practice involves a fair few elements:

Digital analytics, reporting & consulting

We give your plant a thorough examination. Our goal is to not only detect anomalies and uncover problems; we also show you where the causes lie and highlight potential solutions. This helps with predicting and minimizing damage. This is how it works: Your data is encrypted and then transmitted to the thyssenkrupp IoT cloud, where it is processed further using state-of-the-art machine learning tools and AI. Our knowledgeable experts provide you with potential solutions and recommendations based on the relevant data. We carry out in-depth assessments to pinpoint opportunities for optimizing your operations. What’s more, expected disruptions, such as an issue with a connector, gear, hydraulic system or lubrication system, can be detected early on thanks to an automated warning systems. Our experts work closely with our customers to limit the impact of an issue and avoid unplanned downtimes.

Remote Support Service

Our Remote Support Service enables you to receive precise and affordable help remotely. Make the most of our comprehensive remote services, including remote inspections, technical assistance, troubleshooting and ad hoc support. Problems with your plants or machinery can be swiftly rectified at any time – their location does not even come into the equation. This shortens unplanned downtimes and reduces your plant’s operating costs. Our service, meanwhile, provides digital documentation and ensures you are always connected with thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies experts.

Maintenance Assistance System (MAS)

Boost your efficiency with thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies’ Maintenance Assistance System (MAS). The software, which can be configured for a wide range of machinery and plant types, enables you to optimize the availability of your plants through digitally supported maintenance. Developed with maintenance staff in mind, the MAS is geared toward improving the maintenance routines of select plants. This impressive tool, which is primarily available locally, digitizes existing maintenance manuals and makes light work of documenting maintenance history.

The digital twin

thyssenkrupp’s digital twin technology for conveyor belt systems provides operators and maintenance managers with real-time feedback on the current and overall condition of all key components. The demands on the various components are determined using a dynamic, physical simulation model. This simulation is the core element of the digital twin and stems from over 20 years of experience in designing conveyor systems and providing related consulting services. Feedback is provided proactively by comparing the live conveyor data with the simulated data. These findings enable operators and engineers alike to make informed and altogether better decisions for improving the overall performance of conveyor systems. Optimize the operation and maintenance of your systems and benefit from improved operational life and increased efficiency for your plants.