Long Term Service Agreements – Enduring quality

Long_Term Service Agreements- Mining Services-MIN_SER

Proven-and-tested teamwork

Our specialists work together closely with yours, forging long-lasting partnerships

Flexible terms

Flexible tailor made packages for schedules and service agreements for specific assignments or long-term projects

Customisable service packages

Remote or on-site, individual experts or entire teams – the choice is yours!

Expertise that enhances efficiency

Mining knowledge coupled with decades of industry experience

HPGR Pro for more energy-efficient and longer-lasting rolls

Better In The Long Term With OEM Expertise

Together with you, we develop solutions for your short-term & long-term challenges. Always with a holistic view and in continuous dialog with you.

Increased Profitability of Your Production

Maximize flexibility and minimize operational risks with us at your side. With customized framework agreements including leading mining expertise.

Continuous optimization

Benefit from our continuous research and development activities and new products and solutions for optimal competitive positioning.

Securing joint success through close collaboration – with long-term service agreements tailored to your precise needs from the leader in mining technology

Tap into the full potential of your plants with the services from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies. We are happy to share our expertise and to offer a wide range of long-term services tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you want to support your team in selected areas or entrust us with handling multiple aspects of your plants and equipment, our mining experts understand exactly what you need, giving you guaranteed peace of mind.

Always on the same page

We work together as partners to ensure your success and draw on a wide range of support services that demonstrably optimize your system performance and boost your profitability. For example, you can take advantage of in-depth technical knowledge, maintain constant dialogue with seasoned experts, and get access to the latest developments and custom-made OEM-quality spare and wear parts. This results in:

  • Close partnerships that pave the way for the ongoing development of your plants and equipment and their long-term success
  • Tried-and-tested framework agreements and bespoke service packages
  • Local support from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies experts
  • Optimized maintenance plans and continuous improvement of your plants and equipment
  • Hassle-free interaction and increased availability
  • Reliable forecasting for spare and wear parts, including replacement and maintenance
  • Customized service packages geared toward improving the performance of your plant and equipment

Win-win situations thanks to long-term service partnerships

Drawing on decades of experience, our knowledgeable experts perform regular inspections and continuously monitor your plants (remote condition monitoring) to detect complications before they even occur. Their concerted efforts give rise to solutions that support preventing you from having to deal with unplanned shutdowns resulting in production losses. In this context, it is vital to constantly monitor individual components, maintain them as needed and replace them where necessary.

For all plants and machinery in the mining sector, we represent a partner who genuinely understands your needs, including workshop services for your machinery and locally produced spare and wear parts. Our experts are always on hand to offer their advice and support. It’s a win-win situation – and the benefits are long lasting.

While data-driven services enable us to pinpoint opportunities for optimization, smart tools allow us to identify defects before they materialize. By continuously monitoring your processes and performing digital analyses, we always have the full picture. We do all of this with one guiding aim – to enhance the performance of your plant and equipment.

Guaranteed peace of mind with individual supply chain solutions

To guarantee the best possible availability for your spare and wear parts we support you to optimize your supply chain. Inventory exclusively set aside as consignment stock on site or at specified storage locations means we can guarantee the best possible availability for your spare and wear parts. And since these stocks are continuously topped up, we can always provide you with critical parts wherever and whenever you need them. As an industry leader, thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies never fails to provide state-of-the-art, OEM-quality technology that is guaranteed to function the way you need it to.

Our offer:

  • Consignment stock close to your operating site
  • Bespoke refill system based on consumption rates or stock levels
  • Continuous stock level optimization
  • Compatible with fixed-price agreements

How you benefit:

  • Reduced capital committed and optimized inventory value
  • Reliable plant operation thanks to well aligned processes
  • Reduced variability of processes
  • Optimized parts availability and delivery times for improved plant and equipment efficiency
  • First hand access and continuous innovation of wear parts
  • Parts in OEM quality resulting in reduced risk of unplanned downtimes