Onsite Service – Onsite support from the experts

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Comprehensive support

thyssenkrupp expertise for all your assembly, commissioning, inspection and maintenance work

Early detection of faults and errors

Preventive inspections avert damage

Digital support

Remote support service

Ad hoc assistance

Our thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies experts are here to save the day

Always One Step Ahead

Inspection and maintenance for your mining plant, for reliable operation and high availability of your equipment.

At Your Side In Case Of Emergency

Fast fault identification and root cause analysis. Detailed reporting with recommended actions and support in case of unplanned downtimes and problems.

Transparency about the condition of your plant

Inventory of your machines with state-of-the-art measurement technology for condition-based maintenance. Including prioritization, planning and execution of necessary measures.

Our onsite service offers support for all assembly, implementation, inspection and maintenance work.

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies service specialists assist you onsite local with the assembly, commissioning, servicing, maintenance and ad hoc repairs of your plants and equipment. Our teams also optimize the performance of your plants and equipment and help you to avoid unplanned downtimes.

By conducting preventive inspections of your mining, minerals and materials equipment, our service experts can promptly pinpoint and eliminate issues on site before your systems suffer any severe damage. Even if our service specialists cannot be on site, they can provide their expertise digitally through our remote support service.

Our experts conduct in-depth inspections for the following production lines:

  • In-Pit Crushing Conveying (IPCC)
  • Crushing
  • Grinding
  • Screens & feeders
  • Pyroprocessing
  • Stockyard and port systems

You can count on:

  • Construction site and assembly management, plus ongoing supervision of the erection works for your plants and machinery
  • Technical inspections of plants and machinery and proactive planning
  • Onsite fault identification and emergency repair of plants and machinery
  • Fine-tuned plants and machinery

From planning assembly to overseeing plant operations

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies’ Construction Project Management develops solutions for new-build and revamp projects. From devising assembly concepts to tendering for assembly services, from the final overall costing for the assembly work to the execution of all assembly-specific assignments, our experts are right at your side.

The Site Management and Supervision team is there for you during assembly and commissioning, making sure no query goes unanswered. The experts at thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies also keep an eye on all matters relating to occupational safety.

Our experts root out issues

Unplanned downtimes can be very expensive. Every minute matters. Whether the issue calls for visual inspections of your machinery or an analysis of vibration and temperature, if something goes wrong at your plant, our experienced field service experts are sure to pinpoint the fault. Together, we get your systems and machinery up and running again.

MIN Drive sets out preventive maintenance measures and provides a detailed inspection of your drive trains. Identify damage to your plant’s drive systems at an earlier stage and sustainably extend their operating life.

MIN Grind fixes damage, including to tyres, slide rings, supporting rollers and thrust roller units in your mills, rotary kilns and rotary drums. The Onsite Machining Service refurbishes the damaged surfaces of your components on site, so they are ready for use again as soon as possible.

Remote support in an emergency

We can also be there for you in an emergency with our Remote Support Service. You’ll get all the assembly and implementation expertise that thyssenkrupp has to offer remotely with the help of digital tools. We obtain a full picture of what’s happening in real time via live video and provide you with prompt and cost-efficient support. The Remote Support Service includes:

  • Remote Inspection Service: periodic inspections of your systems and machinery
  • Remote Technical Assistance: maintenance work on mission-critical systems and machinery
  • Remote Trouble Shooting: systems experts are available 24/7 to correct faults

A measured approach

The Onsite Measurement Service surveys your systems and machinery using the very latest measuring technology. The data is then used to produce a report with a comprehensive overview of the status quo for your plant, with tailored recommendations for preventive repairs and maintenance. This is how we optimize the availability and operating costs for your systems and machinery and prevent any negative impact on the safety of your workforce. What’s more, we are always mindful of protecting nature and the environment.

The Onsite 3D Scanning Service opens up completely new possibilities for customers: With the help of accurate laser scanners and high-resolution industrial drones we create a 3D model of their plant, process systems or terrain.

The measurements are precise to the millimeter and can be used for plant design, wear measurement or other kinds of inspections.