Performance Improvement

Performance you can trust for your mining equipment and machinery – thanks to continuous optimization

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Optimized performance

Technical upgrades and modernization enhance your equipment availability and production output

Reduced OPEX

Reliable equipment and machinery cut your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Specialists who are there for you

Decisions made based on comprehensive audits and expert advice

More sustainable

Reduced energy consumption and improved service life

Consultancy on your level

Ensuring production facilities operate reliably and efficiently is absolutely crucial to a company’s success – not least high-performance mining companies. Innovations, technical developments and coordinated maintenance workflows are part and parcel of this. You need to be sure your production equipment and machinery perform in line with your requirements and specific market position. That’s why we offer specialist advice and services on your level at all times, in addition to helping you choose the right maintenance strategy, so you can keep pace with technical developments.

This is where our decades of experience and established expertise in extracting and processing raw materials, as well as in maintenance, come in. We are there for you as your mining industry partner, boasting an ever-increasing number of success stories from our customers who have converted their equipment and machinery.

Mine your way to success with thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies services! What we offer you:

  • Lifecycle Consulting Services:
    • Professional consultation on maintaining industrial equipment
    • Evaluation of the best stocking strategies for spare & wear parts
  • Upgrades and Modernizations:
    • Tailored process and technology audits
    • Technical upgrades to and modernization of your mining equipment and machinery

Are you looking to reduce the amount of energy your mining equipment uses? Perhaps you want to boost your mining machinery’s capacity, product quality, availability or reliability? Or maybe you want to enhance employee safety and environmental performance? In any event, our tailored audits will support you in identifying and harnessing these areas of potential. Benefitting from a comprehensive analysis of your maintenance processes or a technical audit of your mining equipment and machinery, you will know exactly where to start optimizing your production.

Do you already have an idea of where and how you would like to upgrade your mining machinery or adapt your processes?

It often helps to get another perspective, especially from our experts, who will help you define the right steps to take. Even minor adjustments can result in major benefits. Harnessing our unique insight and comprehensive expertise in extracting and processing raw materials, we work with you to pinpoint the best possible solution for your applications and support you in planning and implementing improvements. As your partner, we will be right by your side so you can make the most of these opportunities and consequently boost your profitability. How you will benefit:

  • Transparency over your equipment and machinery’s performance and technical condition
  • Analysis of potential risks and effects of an equipment breakdown
  • Dependable support with developing customer and machine-specific action plans to enhance performance
  • Tailored assistance with devising machine-specific maintenance strategies and plans, which could include digital and Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Optimized costs and risks balance when it comes to stocking wear and spare parts
  • Guidance with long-term planning for upgrades, modernizations and equipment replacements
  • A well-founded maintenance and modernization plan for your equipment that sets the right priorities

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