Giving your plant a boost in performance – How relentless improvement ensures steadfast performance

Performance Improvement-Mining-Service-MIN_SER

Enhanced performance

Increased plant availability and output thanks to technical upgrades and modernizations

Reduced operating expenditure (OPEX)

Reliable plants and machines reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO)

Expertise at your fingertips

Decisions founded on comprehensive machine inspections and expert advice


Reduced energy consumption and optimized service life of parts & components

thyssenkrupp cone crusher for high performance and easy operations

Your Mining Plant Can Deliver More

Together with you we identify the potential of your plant and processes and develop individual solution concepts to reduce your production costs.

Tailor-Made Solution

Our plant optimization measures: tailored to your needs with state-of-the-art technology to make your operation more profitable.

Partner For Continuous Improvement

Partner with us to benefit from our expertise as a global technology leader and optimize the efficiency of your mining plant using our latest innovations for the mining industry.

Minimize risks and optimize resource utilization at your plants – with the experts from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies.

Shaped by innovations, technical developments and changing market requirements, technology is constantly evolving. What was still considered up-to-date yesterday may already be obsolete today. We always offer you expert advice and services to align the performance of your production plants and machines with your needs and those of the market. We go to such lengths to ensure you keep pace with technological developments.

We put our decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of raw material extraction and processing at your disposal. Take advantage of the services on offer from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies and stay ahead of the game with the help of customized process and technology audits, technical upgrades and modernizations, and professional advice on how to maintain industrial plants.

Consulting on at eye level

Ensuring the dependable operation, efficient maintenance and overall management of production assets, in addition to taking CAPEX into account at an early stage from an optimum total cost of ownership perspective, can be a complex undertaking for manufacturing companies. Day-to-day decisions have a major impact on the performance of your production plants – and thus on your profitability, too. Tailoring maintenance work to your company’s specific situation and objectives is absolutely crucial for staying on the path to success.

A bespoke maintenance and inventory strategy can have a positive impact on various aspects, such as underperforming machines, unreliable production plants, rising unplanned downtime, poor availability of spare parts or quality deficiencies, and the high production costs incurred directly and indirectly as a result. With a view to striking the optimum balance between your capital commitment and the fast availability of spare parts, our experts analyze your processes and machines, current stock levels, and as well as your historical consumption of wear and spare parts.

Besides operation and maintenance, we also advise you on the provisioning and procurement of all spare and wear parts for your plants – with an innate understanding of what’s involved. As your trusted partner, we’re here to help you to tap the full potential of your plants. You benefit from:

  • Transparency over the performance and technical status of your production assets
  • Analysis of the potential risks and effects of plant failure
  • Dependable support with devising customer and machine-specific measures to improve performance
  • Personalized assistance with developing machine-specific maintenance strategies and plans, factoring in digital solutions and the concept of Industry 4.0
  • Stock levels optimized in terms of risks and expenditure
  • Help with scheduling upgrades and replacing equipment over the long term
  • Setting sound priorities for planned maintenance and modernization work

The experts’ view

Are you keen to reduce your plant’s energy consumption? Perhaps you’re looking to optimize capacity, product quality or availability? Or is your objective to improve safety for your workforce and the environment? Bespoke audits can help you identify untapped potential. Performing an end-to-end analysis of your maintenance processes or a technical audit focused on a specific area of your plant or single machine will give you starting points for optimizing your production operations.

Do you already have an idea of how and in which areas you would like to upgrade your plant or alter your processes? Often the additional perspective of our experts helps to define the right measures – and so even small adjustments can achieve a great benefit. We have decades of experience in – not to mention a profound understanding of – raw material extraction and processing under our belts. This expert perspective enables us to work with you to assess the best possible solution and support you in planning and implementing improvements.

We help you home in on the technological status quo of your plants in terms of processes and mechanics. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Dialogue: Our experts work with you to define the scope of the audits.
  2. Preparatory phase: The audits are tailored and arranged according to your needs.
  3. Inspection and inventory: The audit is conducted with you on site by our process and technology experts.
  4. Analysis phase: Together, we look at the detail and set out possible modifications, modernizations and upgrades that can improve your efficiency and performance.
  5. Solutions: A detailed report indicates the status quo of your plants and/or processes and offers guidance for decision-making.
  6. Implementation: Beyond all we assist you with planning and implementing upgrades or modernizations.

Upgrades, modernizations and revamps – for greater efficiency and a longer plant service life

thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies offers innovative products and customized upgrades to help you continuously develop your plants and machines. We assist you with modernizations, revamps and turnarounds of individual machines or entire plants.

You benefit from qualified status analyses and environmental assessments, including feasibility studies and proactive planning. On request, we can produce customized components for you and support you with technical improvements to existing machines and components. When it comes to enhancing plant performance, we offer custom modifications and retrofit solutions and can modernize your production plants and machinery. If you’re looking to take your plant to the next level, we will be at your side!

For you and your production plants, modernizations and revamps can translate into improved performance, reduced operating costs and dependable planning, not to mention a more competitive market position.

  • State-of-the-Art-Technologie: Ihre Anlagen entsprechen modernsten Technologiestandards
  • Safety first: Sicherheitsrisiken werden identifiziert und minimiert
  • OPEX-Reduktion: Wartungs- und Betriebskosten Ihrer Anlagen werden nachhaltig reduziert
  • Planungssicherheit: Potenzielle Probleme werden beseitigt, ungeplante Stillstände reduziert
  • Leistungsoptimierung: Prozesse werden verbessert und Verfügbarkeit, Output sowie Produktqualität optimiert
  • Nachhaltigkeit: Anlagen werden nachhaltiger, zum Beispiel durch verbesserte Energieeffizienz

Example: A mine of a leading copper producer in South America increased its capacity by 10 percent in just 7 months by conducting an upgrade study on the mine’s crushing and conveying system. Experts from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies assessed the entire system and subsequently upgraded it, including the crusher unit, crushing system and conveyor line.