Lifecycle Consulting Services

Consultancy for value-added maintenance of mining equipment and machinery

  • Optimize your productivity and reduce direct and indirect operating costs thanks to tailored maintenance strategies
  • Free up capital and boost availability by optimizing your warehousing and procurement operations
  • Make decisions fast thanks to expert advice

Achieving your business goals in the mining industry comes down to optimized inventories, improved machine performance and an efficient maintenance plan

Inefficient workflows, poor quality and low spare-parts availability only push up production costs. But these can be avoided with Lifecycle Consulting Services from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies. Our experts will cast an eye over your maintenance processes, equipment and machinery, exploring the current stocking strategies for you. They will also look at your wear and spare parts consumption to date and identify room for improvement.

That is how we create real added value for you and ensure that your total cost of ownership is significantly reduced, enhancing your profitability. With an innate understanding of what’s involved, we advise you on all things operation and maintenance, as well as stocking and procurement for all OEM spare and wear parts. We never stop focusing on optimizing maintenance to improve efficiency and productivity, so you can strike the right balance between your capital commitment and your ability to obtain spare parts quickly. Together, we will harness your potential to the max.

Make your mining equipment and processes perform at the very top with ongoing optimization, drawing on the expertise of thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies!

Lifecycle Consulting Framework – how we work and what you can expect

With our help, you will gain greater insight into the condition of your mining equipment. We can then define a tailored maintenance strategy and make your operations more efficient in the long term. A concrete action plan to continuously develop your production is just as much a part of our services as our ongoing support with tracking implementation. You will be in a better position to plan your maintenance budget while maximizing reliability and the overall performance of your equipment and machinery.

  1. Maintenance maturity check

The first thing we want to do is get a better idea of how your organization, processes and maintenance operations all work. To do this, we take a close look at the entire management of your production assets and warehousing, making sure that we are on the same page. Together with you, we will agree on main areas of focus and prepare for an initial consultation with key people in your organization. For existing machinery and equipment, we also recommend that our mining machine specialists from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies carry out a comprehensive health check.

  1. Lifecycle roadmap

We will consolidate the results of the status quo analysis and compare them with best practices according to our experience. We then present our findings to you. Together with you and your team, we will then devise solutions for optimizing and increasing the productivity of your operations, maintenance organization and stocking strategies.

  1. Process development – custom solutions for your organization

After prioritizing the actions, we will jointly develop specific schedules and solutions to optimize your maintenance organization, tailor your maintenance strategies and make your stocking and warehousing cost-efficient. Based on an inspection, our recommendations will also include potential repairs or modernization work, along with their order of priority, in order to lastingly improve the performance of your equipment and machinery.

  1. Implementation and training

We will assist you and your teams in implementing optimized maintenance processes and procedures, delivering quantifiable results fast. Our lifecycle consultants also act as enablers and coaches. We will train your staff and guide them through implementation, answering their questions and resolving anything that is unclear as quickly as possible, while ensuring knowledge transfer.

  1. Continuous improvement

Routine machine inspections, maintenance audits and spare parts stock and consumption analyses round off our Lifecycle Consulting Service portfolio. This keeps us in touch with you and your team, and we adapt to your specific developments and needs with each cycle.

Benefits of Lifecycle Consulting Services from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies at a glance:

Our lifecycle consultants help devise a maintenance strategy and practical action plan to suit your specific objectives. What we offer in detail:

  • Status quo analysis of your maintenance organization, comparing it with best practice
  • A lifecycle roadmap aimed at continually optimizing your maintenance processes
  • Machine-specific maintenance strategies and plans, which could include digital and Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Transparency in regard to the technical condition and performance of your machinery and equipment
  • Bespoke assistance with devising measures to boost the performance of your machinery and equipment
  • Long-term planning for modernizing, upgrading and replacing equipment and machinery, including order of priority

What’s more, we will support you in optimizing your spare and wear parts stock for your mining equipment and machinery, based on a cost and risk assessment. We will work with you to define an optimized stocking and procurement strategy. We will also determine suitable minimum and maximum quantities, evaluate supply options and develop a demand forecast. What we offer in detail:

  • Status quo analysis of your stock and your stock movements to date
  • Criticality analysis of wear and spare parts
  • Cost and risk-optimized wear and spare-parts stocking, with reduced capital tied up for spare and wear parts
  • Improved service life thanks to high-quality OEM spare and wear parts, plus reduced unplanned downtime
  • Increased uptime thanks to better availability of parts
  • Reduced procurement outlay thanks to efficient supply chains
  • Forward-looking cost planning

Looking to the long term, you will benefit from reliable machines, dependable operations, planning reliability for production and maintenance, adherence to budgets, lower OPEX, and an optimized service life for your equipment and efficient workflows.

Reap the benefits of our 360° mining services

Our services go hand in hand. Lifecycle Consulting and other services from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies are closely coordinated and complement each other. We would be delighted to tell you about other delivery and storage options such as consignment stock for reducing the procurement outlay for spare and wear parts, with the help of efficient supply chains. Or why not ask us about specific technical audits to identify and seize opportunities for upgrading and modernizing your equipment?

Consultancy on your level – from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies!