Upgrades and Modernizations

Boost your mining equipment’s efficiency and service life

  • Ramp up your output, enhance profitability and optimize your current mining equipment and machinery processes with state-of-the-art technologies and innovations
  • Make your mining production assets more reliable thanks to continuous improvements
  • Reduce operating costs by rolling out sustainable solutions

With our innovative products and tailored upgrades, thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies will support you to continuously develop your mining equipment and machinery. We will guide you through modernization work, upgrades and turnarounds, whether it’s for an individual machine or an entire fleet.

You will benefit from professional condition analyses and environmental assessments, together with feasibility studies and forward-looking planning. We can manufacture any individual components you need and assist with technical improvements to existing machinery or specific machine components. You can also opt for customized conversion and retrofitting solutions to optimize and modernize both your production equipment and machinery. If you’re ready to take your mining production to the next level, we’re here to help you!

What upgrades and modernizations can mean for you and your production assets: improved performance, reduced operating costs, planning reliability and a competitive edge

  1. Safety first: security risks are identified and reduced to a minimum
  2. State-of-the-art technology: your production assets will meet the latest standards of technology
  3. Lower OPEX: the costs involved in maintaining and operating your equipment fall, for good
  4. Planning reliability: potential problems are eliminated, reducing unplanned downtimes
  5. Optimized performance: processes are improved, along with availability, output and product quality
  6. Greater sustainability: your mining equipment will operate more sustainably through improved energy efficiency, for example

An example: A mine owned by a leading copper producer in South America increased its capacity by 10% in just 7 months, thanks to an upgrade study into the mine’s crushing and conveyor system. Experts from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies carried out an assessment and subsequently upgraded the entire system – including the crusher unit, crushing plant and conveyor line.

We will help you focus on your mining equipment’s technological status quo, looking at the technical processes and mechanics. Here’s how it works:

  1. Initial consultation: Our experts discuss the scope of the audits together with you.
  2. Preparation: The audits are drafted, tailored to your individual needs.
  3. Inspection and stocktaking: The audit is carried out by our process and technology experts with you and your team on site.
  4. Analysis: Together, we will go into details and map out the options for modernization and upgrades that can improve your equipment and machinery’s performance, reliability and efficiency.
  5. Solutions: We will produce a detailed report, providing you with clarity on where your equipment and/or processes are in terms of technology, so you can make a decision.
  6. Implementation: We will also guide you through the planning and implementation of upgrades or modernization work.

Reap the benefits of our 360° mining services

Our services go hand in hand. Upgrades and modernization work and other services from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies are closely coordinated and complement each other. See here for details of our retrofitting solutions, such as (HPGR Pro, …).

We would also be happy to tell you about our Lifecycle Consulting Services to optimize your maintenance strategies and processes or to improve your warehousing and stocking strategies of spare and wear parts.

Consultancy on your level – from thyssenkrupp Mining Technologies!