Bucket wheel excavator teeth: more life time, less down time

Where ever a bucket wheel excavator is working with hard materials the wear of its teeth is a problem. With our new tooth development for bucket wheel excavators thyssenkrupp delivers an innovative solution that ensures good wear resistance as well as a high breaking strength.

Bucket Wheel Teeth

How you benefit from our new BWE tooth design

Up to 30% more life time

HPGR Pro for up to 20 % more throughput

Up to 30% shorter down times

thyssenkrupp cone crusher for high performance and easy operations

Increased production efficiency

Your added value with tooth design by thyssenkrupp:

With the digging tool optimization from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions you can operate your bucket wheel excavators more productive. Our solution reduces teeth breakage because of our new design and a higher breaking strength.

This results in a longer life timeshorter down timesless power consumption and higher productivity of your BWE.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction of teeth breakage
  • Clear and sustainable increase of BWE production
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Drop down the BW cutting loads, wear intensity and maintenance interruption time
  • Wear reduction of belt conveyors by explicit reduction of big lumps in the conveyed material
  • Environmental friendly by reduction of green gas emissions

Digging tool optimization from thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions

Based on decades of experience in the field of bucket wheel excavators in more than 100 different mines worldwide and continuous improvements of design thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is able to find the best solution for your bucket wheel excavator digging tools.

With our teeth development we ensure wear resistance against high abrasive materials with different kind of wear protection coatings as well as a high breaking strength.

Quick hitch system animation

Our quick hitch system:

  • Reduces down times
  • Reduces loss of production
  • Reduces costs

Our BWE tooth is a forged solution with high performance

Comparing casted and forged solutions

Our Services

Point Load Test (PLT)

The PLT is an in-situ test method which permits a quick analysis of an undisturbed material element in an open-pit mine. It allows calculating the specific properties of rocks and it is intended as an index test for the strength classification of rock materials.

Express Drill Abrasiveness Test (EDAT)

The EDAT is a simple test method to determine an indication of the material’s abrasiveness in the bench faces to determine approximately the abrasive wear on bucket wheel teeth during the cutting excavation and the downtime of the BWE due to the change of the teeth.

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Bucket Wheel Tooth Wear Monitoring System